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Reminder: it's Firefox 3 download day

by Parm Mann on 17 June 2008, 11:50

Tags: Firefox 3

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If you're keen on the idea of setting Guinness world records, or if you're just a Firefox fan through-and-through, today is Firefox 3 download day.

As mentioned previously, Mozilla will mark the occasion with a promo-turned-event that aims to set a Guinness world record for the most software downloads in 24 hours.

Firefox 3, which promises page loads up to seven times faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer, will be available to download from at 10am PDT (6pm GMT).

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Call me shallow, but I may well do it just for the sake of having a claim to ( a very very very small portion of) a Guinness world record!
I'll be downloading it. I much prefer Firefox, not for any anti MS sentiment but I just prefer the way it works.

If, as they say, FF3 is going to be faster it addresses the only thing I don't like about FF2. The length of time it takes to load compared to IE.
I have just come from a seminar about onlinestores…was very exciting learning all the market strategies involved in making an online store a sucees. There were several keynotes for apple users and powerpoint presentations. Very interesting to see how many of the speakers used the macbook and how many used the notebooks. But what made me excited is that not even one of them fired up microsoft internet explorer in their presentations and demonstrations. An when I learnt that most of them had never met each other for the first time today< I was even more impressed that they used firefox. So I went a step further and asked them what version they were using…didn't get a chance to ask them all…the breaks were short and lunch was a working one…..the all are using the beta version of firefox 3!

The fact that am on firefox now on my sisters laptop…she is using mine to watch a movie…adds to the flava…who installed it for her…certainly not me…and she does claim to be a complete novice! there is almost no sign of IE its like its not installed!

Dont know about you but i can see firefox breaking there record. to be honest even without announcing that they want to they would. The fact that they have….well it will be interesting to see what happens.

Myself, it will be a pleasure to help them achieve and surpass that goal. I hope they dont take Opera mobile phone offering next…coz I love Opera!
When i first tried firefox i sacked off internet explorer, then when i first tried safari on my mac…. sacked that off aswell