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Corsair launches unified iCUE software in early access

by Mark Tyson on 27 March 2018, 15:33

Tags: Corsair, Ubisoft (LON:UBI)

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Today Corsair has released its new unified iCUE software in early access. The new application takes the functionality of current CUE and LINK software packages under one roof, so it will be all you need for ultimate control and customisation of your Corsair hardware. Tying in with the launch of Ubisoft's Far Cry 5, the initial release of iCUE delivers more than 30 automatic lighting effects synchronised with the game.

In brief, Corsair iCUE brings together the full range of CORSAIR products into a single intuitive interface, "iCUE powers everything from CORSAIR keyboards, mice and headsets to fans, coolers and PSUs". For example iCUE users can instantly synchronize RGB lighting across all their compatible Corsair products with a single click, monitor system performance from a customizable dashboard, and control hardware temperatures with in-depth fan and pump speed adjustment.

Dozens of lighting presets are available to get you up and running quickly. There are simple smooth transitions, dynamic waves and ripples, and multi-layer lighting effects already setup to use and customise. In this first public release Corsair wants to demonstrate even more immersive RGB frills with its game integration. With the launch of Far Cry 5 today, users will be able to enjoy RGB lighting integration in sync with the action and surroundings in game.

More practically perhaps, iCUE is where you will now customise your input peripherals with regards to sophisticated macros and key remaps - for productivity or play. Other useful functions within this software are its peripheral, hardware and system monitoring capabilities. Users can easily tie lighting and fan speed profiles to system temperatures or loads. Additionally such control can be extended to specific programs, powering up cooling for demanding games, spinning down for silence when watching a film, or changing lighting colour when the system reaches warm to high temperatures.

Far Cry 5 bundle

To celebrate the release of iCUE and Far Cry 5, Corsair is bundling the game for free with any website customer that spends more than $150 on qualifying RGB products. Check out www.corsair.com/far-cry-5 for more details.

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Very tacky.
I'll be glad when this kiddie craze of RGB is over , only have to suffer a Christmas tree once a year then.
And how big is this in size? because just the software on the harpoon mouse to control the dpi and select lighting is like 233mb, I'd call that bloatware to be honest.

I honestly feel programmers are getting lazy now either that or they are paid by the size of a project rather than how good it is :S
Althought I love the Corsair keyboards, this is just f**king awful. Why would anyone want to be distracted by anything off screen while playing a game?