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Windows Home Server getting x64 support at last

by Parm Mann on 8 January 2008, 12:19

Tags: Windows Home Server, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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x64 users made to wait yet again

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It's a familiar story with Microsoft these days. 64-bit users tend to be left in the cold initially and then given a reprise at a later date. Users of Microsoft's 64-bit edition of Windows Vista may have noticed that they've been unable to use Windows Home Server as it simply doesn't support 64-bit operating systems.

Fortunately, that'll change in Spring 2008 as Microsoft announced at CES its upcoming Power Pack 1 which "adds support for Windows Vista x64, enhances remote access capabilities, extends data protection and supports the Chinese and Japanese languages".

Though some might say it's nice for x64 users to get acknowledged in the long run, as an x64 user myself I don't think we should be made to wait at all. Get all the details on Windows Home Server's Power Pack 1 in the official press release: Windows Home Server Breaks Ground on New Features, Expands Into More Homes Worldwide

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