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Windows device shipments to be outpaced by Apple this year?

by Mark Tyson on 9 January 2017, 11:31

Tags: Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT)

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Apple will overtake Microsoft in device shipments this year, expects research firm Gartner. The research outfit has seen a continuing trend of fewer Windows devices shipped year on year. Meanwhile it is more positive about the prospects of the combined shipments of Apple iOS and Mac OSX device,s and thinks they will overtake Windows this year. If this plays out, 2017's device shipments tally could mark a major milestone for Apple.

Gartner has been monitoring sales of computers, 2-in-1s, tablets, and phones and observed the Microsoft Windows dominant OS position weaken over several years. Meanwhile Apple's OSes which it exclusively distributes with its own hardware have grown steadily in prominence and peaked in 2015. The latest full recorded year, 2016, wasn't such a great one for Windows or Apple devices. Going forward, as Microsoft device shipments falter and flatten, iOS and Mac OS X will again make gains, reckon the Gartner analysts.

Chart with Gartner data from Computerworld

A big part of the headlining prediction relies upon performance of the competing camps this year. I am not sure why Gartner analysts are more positive on Apple's potential this year than in 2016. Apple is so secretive about what is up its sleeves and its recent performance, forecasts, and production cut disappointed investors.

Looking at Windows devices, Microsoft's Windows Phones effort looks now to be just for niche business appeal so units shipped aren't going to be very large in 2017. However there are positive things to look forward to in 2017; there is the Windows 10 Creators Update and new associated hardware, new 'Cellular PCs' from collaboration with Qualcomm and other hardware partners, new AMD Ryzen PCs, and towards the end of 2017 we will see Intel 10nm Cannon Lake devices. Overall I wouldn't bet my shirt on Gartner's predictions for 2017.

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And shipments of Linux based devices beat both Apple and Microsoft devices combined, although I'm not sure Android is considered a Linux device by most people.
And shipments of Linux based devices beat both Apple and Microsoft devices combined, although I'm not sure Android is considered a Linux device by most people.

tbh i might still agree with u even if android isnt considered linux… think about the IoT hardware like RaspberryPi and others..
I bought Windows laptop instead of MacBook Pro, you get i7 cpu + gtx 1070 with 4k screen for less than base MacBook Pro.

Now, they are beating MS on smartphone side but on PC side it is different.

They shound compare smartphones vs smartphones not like this.

This looks like Apple ordered a analyse in order to influence its stock price.
I'd love to have the time to do an analysis of Gartner predictions vs eventual reality. From the few reports I remember seeing I'm not going to consider this report worthy of even reading…
I think Gartner divided the 2018 Apple figures by their IQ, when they should have divided by their shoe size (clearly a much higher figure) which would have put Windows in the lead.

Is this really worth reporting on? It tells me that Microsoft is doing really badly in phones, which we all know, but it tries to dress it up in a really weird way. Perhaps next they will compare Scalextric car sales with Jaguar.