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Game graphics engine news: Unity 5.6 beta supports Vulkan

by Mark Tyson on 16 December 2016, 11:01

Tags: Unity Technologies, Crytek

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Unity 5.6 beta adds Vulkan API support

Unity has released a new beta of its game engine and development suite. Version 5.6 beta adds some interesting features such as improved graphics performance, plus a new video player, and support for Facebook Gameroom and Google DayDream. Furthermore, its 2D features and editor are claimed to be improved. However, probably the biggest news in this release is the support for Vulkan, taking "graphical performance to the next level," boasts the Unity blog.

High-efficiency, cross-platform new generation graphics and compute API, Vulkan, is said to deliver "increased speed with reduced driver overhead and CPU workload, leaving the CPU free to do additional computation or rendering," in the new Unity beta. In the Unity team's own testing it has seen rendering performance improvements of up to 60 per cent out of the box - without any Vulkan specific development tinkering. Vulkan runs on Windows, Android, Linux and Tizen systems.

Cryengine 5.3 supports Nvidia's PhysX physics solution

Crytek has just released Cryengine 5.3. The key highlight of this release is a new Visual Scripting language called Schematyc "that allows anyone to create gameplay systems using predefined nodes." This feature is said to help game designers progress with gameplay functionality "without needing an actual programmer every step of the way". That sounds good for smoothly running workflows with all team members expected to be enabled to help with gameplay scripting.

Cryengine has traditionally used its own proprietary CryPhysics suite for in-game physics. In release 5.3 it will introduce Nvidia's PhysX technology as a beta feature, and alternative for designer use when building games. Further improvements in Cryengine 5.3 are many and include; editor and build system improvements, a new asset system, function key workflow enhancements, support for high DPI monitors, user analytics, and more. More information is available on the Cryengine blog, with "hundreds of fixes and improvements" detailed in Cryengine's 5.3 release notes.

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This is great news, DX needs to die ASAP because Microsoft use it far to often to bribe gamers into using their latest spyware OS. Vulkan forever ! etc.
That' great. Will test it for my project.
I would love to see this become the new standard so people can ditch windows 10, only reason I have it is because of dx12.
Vulkan… another item that I didn't want installed onto my nice system. I didn't even have the OPTION to install. When will people realise that these companies are taking liberties!?

P.s. Why would people ditch Windows 10? What are you actually going to get when moving to another platform? It's not as if Windows 10 is absolutely evil or awful. Oh, wait, it's cool to say that stuff.
I would love to see this become the new standard so people can ditch windows 10, only reason I have it is because of dx12.

…That and your entire Steam catalogue. Ease of use. Easy to find fixes. Compatibility. Yeah, sure, we don't want any of that. /s