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Cherry MX Board 9.0 Gaming Keyboard revealed

by Mark Tyson on 19 October 2016, 12:31

Tags: Cherry

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Cherry has quietly launched a new gaming keyboard based upon its in-house designed MX RGB keyswitches and some other gamer friendly considerations. The Cherry MX Board 9.0 Gaming Keyboard is a hefty black and red affair with two banks of macro keys at the periphery of the full QWERTY keyboard, plus a brightness, audio levels and quick config changing dial at its upper right corner.

Referring to its new keyboard as "The illustrious champion", Cherry says that it is built for the "most demanding" gamers. The keyboard is based around Cherry's well regarded MX RGB keyswitches with LED illumination and effects, plus 15 freely assignable macro keys ("perfect for MMORPGs") three of which are at the far left of the board for fast access, and a quick control dial pad. Further thoughtful features are the ability to input macros in real time, a Windows key lock, and individual continuously adjustable screw-in keyboard feet.

Buyers of Cherry's new gaming keyboard can choose between RGB MX keyswitches of three types; blue clicky tactile, brown tactile, and red linear switches. As regular HEXUS readers will know, these switches have a 50 million actuation service life. The 104 + 25 keycap inscriptions are laser etched.

The Cherry MX Board 9.0 Gaming Keyboard requires two USB connections for its full functionality, according to the spec sheet. As mentioned in the intro, the keyboard has some heft – it weighs just under 1.5Kg. Product dimensions are 500 x 220 x 65mm with the USB cable provided being 1.8m long.

Pricing and availability are not yet known but buyers get a 2 year warranty.

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Why do most “gamer” keyboards have to look like they're leftovers from a bad 80s sci-fi B movie?
If it wasn't for that hefty look wheel / dial / knob and the Macro keys on the left (im not a fan of extra keys like that in general, this would be a board I'd be interested in :/

Even if a bit bulky looking
Why do most “gamer” keyboards have to look like they're leftovers from a bad 80s sci-fi B movie?


My keyboard is a QPAD MK80 (If memory servers)

Nothing fancy about it and its probably the best keyboard ive used…
^ That's the reason why I went with a Tesoro Durandal. Simple, no-BS, standard layout backlit mechanical keyboard.
Those stupid gimmicky/tacky keyboards are .. well.. just that: stupid.

edit: the Tesoro and QPAD keyboards actually share the same hardware base, but I chose the Tesoro over the QPAD because the latter has a rubberized coating. I've had my fair share of devices with rubberized coatings turn into sticky goo after a few years, so I'm trying to avoid that stuff whenever I can…
Why do most “gamer” keyboards have to look like they're leftovers from a bad 80s sci-fi B movie?
Because 80s sci-fi is awesome, because I do actually use most of those features, and because boring keyboards are BORING as well as adding nothing… even the really expensive ones with 1.2mm less key travel or whatever they're touting.

If I want boring junk, I'll stay here in the office.

I want lights and features and functions and LCD screens on my stuff. I want kit that actually does things, rather than costing loads of money for words on the back of the box that do nothing to improve my computing experience.

In short, I actually want the fancy stuff I've been promised ever since those 80s sci-fi movies!!
Modern sci-fi is all horrid, stark, empty Apple store pseudo-Scandi designs with stupid clear screens and blue text everywhere. Don't want that!