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Lian Li launches motorised standing desks – sans PC chassis

by Mark Tyson on 19 August 2016, 11:01

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Lian Li continues to move away from is chassis roots by launching a pair of new motorised, height adjustable, standing desks. The DK-12 and DK-16 offer different workspace sizes and different maximum loads. Unlike the DK-04 and earlier computer desk chassis from Lian Li these are simply desks - no chassis has been integrated, though the firm claims they are built "with PCs in mind".

The key properties of the new Lian Li DK-12 and DK-16 electric, height-adjustable, standing desks are as follows:










Load on tabletop



Body Material

3cm Particle Board

3cm Particle Board

Leg Material

Iron + Aluminium


Net Weight



Gross Weight




Whatever model you choose you will benefit from a thoughtfully designed, easy to use, height adjustable desk. For intuitive convenience Lian Li has fitted the desks with a touch-controller. The up/down arrows work as you would expect plus there's four presets that can be stores/recalled (the 'M' button is the memory button).

For PC users the DK-12 and DK-16 have convenient circular pass-throughs with metal covers help route and manage cords. Under the back of the desk there is a shelf for storing cables and power bricks. The shelf doesn't obstruct the use of a clamping system which you may use to mount monitors and multi-display setups.

In our press release Lian Li says the legs are made of steel rather than iron, as specified in the product spec table. The desk surface is covered in a durable, waterproof, leather-like material. The surface covers a 3cm particle board core bound by an aluminium frame.

The Lian Li DK-12 and DK-16 desks are said to be available immediately in the UK and are priced at £879.95 ($899.99 USD) and £1059.95 ($1099.99 USD, from 15th Sept in the USA) respectively.

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A Grand for an ugly ass desk with two electric drills in the legs !… no, just no
They are pricey for what they are, Lian-Li in a nutshell.

I do like the idea of an adjustable height desk, I wouldn't enjoy standing for too long, but a change in position to get my chair a bit further under or to adjust my neck/back after a period would be nice.
Pricey…Worth mentioning that IKEA does standing desks too (manual or electric) for less than half of this.


The electric desks only take up to 70Kg so less than Lian-Li but does come with 10 years guarantee so you can be assured it's not going to break too easily!
I love Lian-Li (only cases I've ever used), but this is taking the piss
I swear this looks like the Autonomous Smart Desk 2 minus the cool extras Autonomous lets you add to the desk when you order, and they charge way more than Autonomous.

Autonomous' Smart Desk 2, picking the most expensive options is $699. Those options are 182.88cm Desk(Walnut or Light Oak desktop), your choice of base color(white, black, and gray) Dual motors, Wireless + USB charging, bag organizer and a speaker. Plus AI Personal Assistant, Smart Home Control, Developer SDK, iOS & Android Apps. I have no idea what the last group really does, but its included and still cheaper than Lian-Li.
The control box is identical to the one on the Smart Desk 2

The only real differnce is the Lian Li is about 28cm longer on the large desk, and 6cm on the smaller desk.