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Logitech announces G900 Chaos Spectrum gaming mouse

by Mark Tyson on 24 March 2016, 14:31

Tags: Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI)

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Today Logitech has announced what it calls its "best gaming mouse yet", the Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum (warning: site content brought Firefox to its knees). The G900 is Logitech's flagship gaming mouse, with a price to match those aspirations, at $149.99, €179, £134.99. Let's have a look at what kind of rodent you get for such an outlay.

With the new G900 Chaos Spectrum gaming mouse Logitech promises 'professional grade performance'. Many gamers prefer wired mice for the certainty of connection, speed and latency. While Logitech says the equipped wireless technology offers a report rate of 1000Hz (1ms), equal to its wired USB connection, users have the choice of whether to actually go wireless or plug into and tether up the mouse's USB 2.0 port (6ft cable supplied). Another spec claimed to directly influence the responsiveness of this rodent is the 32-bit ARM microprocessor upon which it is based.

The sensor equipped in the G900 is the Pixart PMW3366 optical sensor. Logitech asserts that this is "widely regarded as the best gaming mouse sensor on the market". Within its DPI range of 200 to 12,000 the PMW3366 will apply no smoothing, filtering or acceleration – just provide accurate tracking and responsiveness. The max acceleration is 40G with a max tracking speed of over 300ips (using a Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad).

Logitech has designed the G900 main mouse buttons with its own mechanical pivot button hinges. The left and right buttons use Omron switches, which combined with the tensioned spring hinge mechanism provides satisfying and distinct actuation feedback. Click pressure has been tuned to allow minimal force to be used with a very fast click recovery. In all there are 11 programmable buttons installed in the G200 including the one in the wheel. That provides plenty of scope for command and macro storage and retrieval.

Looking closer at the ambidextrous design, this mouse isn't exactly an ambidextrous object out of the box but the mouse can be transformed either way with its included magnetic button covers. The shape is said to work well with a variety of palm, claw and fingertip holds. As mentioned in the subheading for this story, the mouse weighs just 107g – which is impressive for a wireless example, usually weighted down by rechargeable batteries. On the topic of batteries, this mouse can go untethered, and without charging, for 24 hours with default lighting or 32 hours with lighting off. A full charge from empty takes two hours.

With RGB in its name, this flagship gaming mouse doesn't hold back on the lighting options. It offers 16.8 million colours with a variety of lighting patterns, all of which can be simply customised in the LGS software suite.

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is expected to be available in Europe from April. The MSRP has been set at $149.99, €179, £134.99. It is available to pre-order right now direct, with free shipping in that price. Buyers get a two year warranty.

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Have to say the logo on the mouse made me think it was a Gigabyte product at 1st glance.
Hang on, isn't 32 hours battery life (maximum)kind of bad? Or does this have an accelerometer and does that drain the battery?
Thumbs up to Logitec team for this G900. :)
Still using G402, not thinking of upgrading it anytime sooner.
Logitech is weirdest company ever. They had great mouse - G400s yet they have discontinued it less than couple of years after release and there is no alternative in the price range. People who still have it now sell used ones for more money than new ones came out. Nothing in their current catalogue is remotely reasonable for serious gamer and any other brand is 2x the price.
I'm sill using an original G5. the pads wore off a few years ago. all the lettering has worn off, about a foot of the braiding on the cables worn off where it goes behind the desk. the tin that keeps the spare adjustable weights in it rusted shut eons ago.


it still clicks and points and moves the cursor about. don't think I ever use the side button, and keep forgetting that the scroll wheel also goes left and right. same with my G11 keyboard, never used the G keys.

even worn off the ‘rough side coating’ on my steelpad 4d. coming up on 12(?) years old on that bad boy :thumbsup:

I did say I keep stuff till it breaks didn't I? rest of PC is 7 years old now.

and I'm not even considering replaicing the mouse and keyboard with the potential new build at the end of the year/next year. :D