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Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mech Keyboard announced

by Mark Tyson on 5 February 2016, 12:31

Tags: Logitech (NASDAQ:LOGI)

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Peripherals specialist Logitech has launched the G810 Orion Spectrum Gaming Keyboard. This is a full sized keyboard packing Logitech Romer-G mechanical keyswitches and featuring "intelligent" RGB illumination. Furthermore this keyboard, and the G910 Orion Spark and G410 Atlas Spectrum keyboard are all going to be featured in bundles with a free full copy of Tom Clancy's The Division.

Logitech's latest keyboard has a more subtle design than many gaming keyboards on the market but with its customisable RGB lighting it can still be a show off when required. "We met with dozens of gamers over the last year and a half and asked them what they wanted in a gaming keyboard," said Ujesh Desai, VP and GM of gaming at Logitech. "The result is the G810 Orion Spectrum, a clean, sophisticated design that's focused on delivering pure performance."

As you would expect from a Logitech mechanical keyboard the in-house designed Romer-G keyswitches are used which are claimed to "deliver near-instant responsiveness, registering key presses up to 25 percent faster than standard mechanical switches". Romer-G keyswitches have a 1.5mm actuation point and durability rating of 70 million keystrokes. As well as the full set of typing keys Logitech has equipped the every so useful media keys including an easy access intuitive volume roller control.

Moving on to the RGB backlighting, this is adjustable per-key from 16.8 million colours. Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) facilitates the depth of customisation and synchronisation between Logitech G gaming peripherals. LGS is pre-configured with custom lighting profiles for over 300 games. Coloured keys can keep track of spells sued and custom button macros can also be used, saved and loaded.

The Logitech G810 Orion Spectrum RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard will become available from 8th Feb in the UK (£160), Europe (€189) and USA ($159). As mentioned in the intro, buyers will receive a code for a free full copy of Tom Clancy's The Division which launches on 8th March. Logitech is making a new Arx Control mobile applet and custom RGB lighting profiles for The Division.

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Who'd have thought USD was worth substantially more than EUR or GBP…?

Other than that, I'm really interested in this keyboard. Seems to tick all the boxes on my “want list” for a mechanical keyboard.
£160 !
Seems very dear to me, I do like the RBG lighting though
I like the style, but the price is just way too high. Sure Logitech is usually a good brand, but I'd rather get the Corsair K40 and not get ripped off.
Looks great but since when has £1 = $1? Might be able to understand it if the product was made in the US then shipped across but seeing as it's most likely made in China that argument is null. Even adding VAT onto the US price makes it about £135…
Still no sleep button the keyboard… omg why