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Lian Li looks to enter the PC peripherals market

by Mark Tyson on 22 January 2016, 13:31

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Aluminium chassis specialists Lian Li may be about to branch out into the world of PC peripherals. Rather than a huge splurge of new products, the firm appears to be focussing upon the classic desktop essentials of keyboards and mice. In a recent report Tom's Hardware comments upon seeing examples of these peripherals in Lian Li livery, at the recent CES 2016.

Perhaps, after years of producing its signature aluminium chassis, Lian Li has become dissatisfied with seeing mismatching desk sets lumped next to its (usually) minimalist metal hewn industrial designs. Systems makers have often made their pre-built PCs much more attractive by providing complementing / matching keyboard and mouse desk sets, so it's quite an established practice and if done correctly can provide a much more appealing look than three obviously separately sourced objects on your desk.

As well as its pretty silly luxury Yacht chassis at CES 2016, which we commented upon at the time, Lian Li had some keyboard and mouse prototypes on show, says Tom's. Many of the PC accessories and components companies featured on HEXUS have thrust literally flashy, aggressively designed, desktop peripherals at us recently - so it's interesting to see that Lian Li is looking more at the executive desk style of environment.

The Lian Li keyboards on display were slim with chiclet-style keys. With their aluminium hewn construction it would be easy to compare them to recent Apple Pro keyboard designs. The keyboards will be offered in anodised sand blasted finishes matching those used by Lian Li in its chassis range. The only mouse seen was a different proposition. Obviously an aluminium chassis bare metal mouse would be a bit chilly in your mitts most of the time, so Lian Li looks to have mainly used plastic with a swash of a metallic finish on the palm bumper area. Lian Li said that the mouse construction material may change before the product is finalised. All the peripherals on show were wireless.

All photos via Tom's Hardware.

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I'd buy the second one if it came wired and had a nice bright white backlight.
Chiclet ? Oh, how are the mighty fallen…
Chiclet ? Oh, how are the mighty fallen…

I really don't get the hate for chiclet. The typing experience is far superior than other keyboards imho.
Yeah, a good chiclet keyboard is fine. Obviously the dross in cheap laptops doesn't do it any favours, but a good one (such as the Logitech Illuminated keyboard) is still my preferred keyboard… and I've got a K70 which I'm still trying to justify.
That mouse looks cheap, and how long before the white becomes brown?