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Cherry MX Board 6.0 mechanical keyboard debuts 'RealKey' tech

by Mark Tyson on 12 January 2015, 14:05

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Germany-based keyboard and keyswitch manufacturer Cherry has announced the MX Board 6.0, said to be the fastest mechanical keyboard available worldwide. The design premieres the firm's RealKey technology that promises to shorten the key debounce delay from an average of 20ms to just 1ms.

Cherry's new proprietary technology is said to allow the keyboard to hit the full speed limit of USB 3.0, giving users the fastest possible key response, reports ThinkComputers. The keyboard firm has also switched from the traditional keystroke digital scanning tech to an analogue system that makes key ghosting impossible and provides complete n-key rollover. To put it simply, this means that no matter how many keys are pressed simultaneously, the MX Board 6.0 will always be able to process the input commands.

Priced at $219, the MX Board 6.0 features a 108/109-key layout, aluminium top housing with sanded finish and grease resistant coating. A rubber laminated palm rest with magnetic connector, bi-colour status keys and red backlighting with adjustable brightness flesh out the core specs.

Although the price tag is fairly high for a keyboard, the offering is aimed squarely at professional typists, programmers and those with extreme keyboard performance needs (which must include some PC gamers). The company estimates that the product's true shelf life goes beyond the certified 50 million keystrokes and is actually closer to 100 million. Cherry backs its product with a three year warranty.

The Cherry MX Board 6.0 is expected to become available in retail from Spring 2015. Interested folk can register for product updates and availability information.

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So, have the Apple-like Corsair hold on Cherry RGB switches been lifted, with this product being the first in a series of several soon to be released? If so, it's long overdue. As nice as Corsair peripherals might be, the fact that they don't do additional key layouts was something that stopped me from ever truly wanting their keyboards as I've used non-native layouts and while they certainly work, they're not as pleasant as native layouts.
I'd love a tenkeyless version
I'd love a full height enter key; we can't have everything :p

However £150+ for a keyboard is something I struggle to understand so I appreciate why they might not tailor it to my requirements.
However £150+ for a keyboard is something I struggle to understand so I appreciate why they might not tailor it to my requirements.

I think it all depends on your usage as to whether you can justify it, much like the idea that if you spend a lot of time driving, you can justify spending more on a car. Ignoring pro-gamers and rich kid gamer wannabes, if you spend all day every day typing or similar, the amount you spend extra over the life of the keyboard is nothing if it makes things even the tiniest bit easier/better. Personally, I too couldn't justify that much (and I ‘m a writer!) - for the difference I’d take a mid-range keyboard and put the money difference into a better screen.
I've always said that you should focus on getting the best devices with which you directly interface - namely the keyboard, mouse and monitor. The latter is less important now (in terms of reading the majority of TFT screens aren't too dissimilar when sat square on), but I maintain that the keyboard and mouse should be the foremost upgrades you should make. Obviously that's not necessarily the most expensive, but one which works best for you.

Sadly for many they are a mere afterthought, with the cheapest option being tacked on to a build at the last minute.