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Asus ROG and IKEA furniture collab goes live in China

by Mark Tyson on 2 February 2021, 12:11

Tags: ASUSTeK (TPE:2357), IKEA

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Last year an announcement was made with regard to an unusual PC gaming partnership. Asus wrote to HEXUS to broadcast its intent to work closely with Skandi-furniture giant IKEA in creating a line of gaming furniture and accessories with a compelling mix of affordability, comfort, and ROG style. Now the first collaborative Asus ROG-IKEA pieces have become available and are listed on the IKEA website, for the China region, on the firm's Gaming Home pages.

Sitting at the top of the new range of products in terms of pricing, and perhaps desirability, is the new gaming desk. The Uppspel is a large motorised gaming desk selling for ¥3,999.00 – the equivalent of about GBP£450.

This desk features familiar looking adjustment and memory controls plus a red LED display. Users can adjust the height with the touch of a button, between 72 and 120cm. For convenience there are four height pre-sets, and one USB charging port is built into it too.

IKEA says the Uppspel gaming desk is durable and hard wearing, and its matt surface keeps light reflections to a minimum. A cable management tray at the rear helps keep your work/play space tidy.

It looks like Asus ROG and IKEA have worked upon non-motorised desks for gamers too, like the manually adjustable Utespare design (in black or white) which is just ¥599 (approx GBP£70).

Another bigger ticket Asus ROG and IKEA collaboration appears to be the Matchspel gaming chair. This adjustable chair with lumbar support has a high density foam cushion and airflow back and headrest. Structural materials include carbon steel frame and FSC-certified plywood seat supports. This chair costs ¥999 (approx GBP£115).

Other gaming furniture and accessories showcased on the Gaming Home microsite include; a drawer unit, wall mounting system for your gaming year, desktop PC stand with castors, a headset stand, mouse wire clip, mug stand, and a multi-function cushion/blanket with hand warming pockets. Many but not all products appear to have black or white options.

These products are listed in China now but will be coming to stores worldwide from October.

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I like that Matchspel chair, a nice departure to sensible chair setup and layout.

All in all, gaudy branding aside, that's quite a nice spread they have.
Table is quite expensive for my tastes, ngl. You can probably assemble something for much cheaper.
I like the look of the desk - I am a big fan of the Bekant desk system, and could be tempted to upgrade my current fixed-height Bekant with one of these. I've considered upgrading to the motorised stand anyway…if this had the same quality it would be a great option.

Personally, I think the chairs both look awful mind - I generally dislike mesh chairs at the best of times, and that other one has that really horrible diamond leather (plastic) look. That is very much a personal thing though I have friends who would really love that look!

Will be interesting to see if they make it over to the UK, with the appropriate price increase of course!
Not sure if the “industrial” aesthetic reminds me more of a Deus Ex black market laboratory or if China is just using this to sell off its evil biowarfare labs kit at a profit now they have made their supersoldiers.
Honestly apart from the chair it doesn't seem too bad but not sure I'd rush out for it over other brands.

As to the chair… it's ok price wise but looking at it it's basically a markus (edit: seems like it might be closer to the JÄRVFJÄLLET, both use the same ‘seat base/leg setup though) with a slightly different design back (still fundamentally same concept/shape) and I’ve got to be honest, I wouldn't recommend anyone buying a markus for long term use, the ‘seat’ is pretty poor for comfort.