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Asus ROG Chakram gaming mouse includes a thumbstick

by Mark Tyson on 13 January 2020, 13:51

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Asus has launched its ROG Chakram gaming mouse at CES 2020. The new Aura Sync RGB wireless gaming mouse offers tri-mode connectivity, Qi charging, an advanced 16,000 dpi sensor, screw-less magnetic design, and a programmable, removable joystick with analogue or digital modes and swappable caps. That is quite a lengthy list of extra features beyond what might be expected in a typical gaming mouse.

Starting from the outside, you may notice that the Chakram uses a translucent plastic shell with a matte finish for plenty of grip. Both sides of the mouse are textured too. The design features five customisable buttons, a scroll wheel, and the thumb stick - but more about that later. Another feature visible straight away is the RGB LED light pipe around the front edge, this is complemented by the scroll wheel light and the logo light in the palm area. Asus makes it easy for buyers to create a custom illuminated design for this palm area and provides both a ROG logo disc and a blank disc.

A dongle which can be stored in the top of the mouse (beneath a magnetic palm rest) plugs into your PC USB port and enables 1000Hz polling rate wireless connectivity over a 2.4GHz RF link. Bluetooth(BLE) connectivity is an option too but in this mode the thumbstick doesn't function. If you prefer wired connections or want to charge-up, the mouse can be used plugged into USB and in this mode will be back up to full battery capacity, from empty, in about 80 minutes. While on this topic it is worth mentioning this 132.7 x 76.6 x 42.8mm and 122g mouse can run for up to 79hrs using the RF dongle with RGB off.

Delving inside the mouse is quite easy with the screw-less magnetic buttons and cover, plus push-fit (Omron) switch sockets. The two main buttons use a pivoted mechanism with springs and metal hinges for "minimal travel and rapid return, ensuring superb speed, responsiveness and consistency with every click," says Asus. The sensor employed by Asus is said to be 'competition class' and can be adjusted using a button/scroll wheel combo and four presets saved. It is capable of being adjusted from 100 up to 16,000dpi and offers 400 inch-per-second accuracy, 40g acceleration.

The Asus ROG Chakram gaming mouse's raison d'être though is its built-in programmable joystick in the thumb rest area. In analogue mode it is said to be "ideal for flight sims and racing game, empowering you to climb, dive, drift, pan the view – or any analogue control". Meanwhile in digital mode it offers quick access FPS or Battle Royale commands for thing like reload, switch weapons, tilt, talk, summon a map, etc.

As mentioned in the intro, the thumbstick is customisable in physical ways too. Asus includes a short and long know, as well as a socket cover for a flush inactive finish.

Asus first showed off the Chakram back at Gamescom 2019 in late August. It will be finally making the ROG Chakram gaming mouse available from later this month priced from around $150.

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Seen several mice with thumbsticks… It never seems to catch on.
RSI here we come!
RSI here we come!

Roberts Space Industries…?
Not a fan of thumbsticks or Corsair with it's stupid sniper button. Anything that interferes with the thumb position is not good in my opinion. I'm also not into wireless either. The battery life is usually a giant lie.
I've still got my G700, no idea how old it is now but there are too many buttons and I've never configured them all, so while I would probably use a thumbstick if I had one on the mouse, I'll pass until this one dies..