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Completely passive GeForce 7900 GT shows MSI aren't snoring

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 8 June 2006, 17:48

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MSI passively cools high-end powerhouse

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We were promised fanless 7900 GTs by NVIDIA when the SKU launched, which given the obnoxiousness of the reference version was most welcome, but we haven't really seen a true fanless design yet that still maintains the GTs stated clocks. G71 at or around 450MHz isn't an insurmountable problem in terms of completely passive cooling, but it's definitely put some vendors off we think.

Into the breach steps MSI with a version that clamps a heatpiped sink to the GPU that looks like it means serious business, leaving the DRAMs uncooled (which is fine, they don't need it) and all the performance intact without any of the noise. You need a chassis with good airflow of course, but those are creatable without much issue (and noise themselves), leaving MSI's engineering to shine. Looks good, don't you think?