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HEXUS.beans :: ATi Technologies confirmed to acquire XGI sweetness

by Willy Deeplung on 6 March 2006, 17:00

Tags: ATi Technologies (NYSE:AMD)

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Earlier today X-bit Labs Anton Shilov, otherwise known as “the sweet boy from Estonia” as me mate Fudo always likes to remind him, has been trying to wax his lyrical about a rumour first published by “Chinese-language web-site HardSpell”.

Well HEXUS can exclusively confirm that sometime around close of trading today ATi Technologies will confirm its acquisition of the Shanghai design and technology centre of graphics upstart XGI Technologies .

ATi officials seem to be running around denying everything at present, but HEXUS has the sprout that the princely sum involved seems to be between $8-12 million USD, though other sources indicate that it’s probably at the lower range of this figure.

What’s in it for ATi? We speculate that on top of the XGI engineering facility in China and any IP, one of the primary benefits will be XGI’s relations with the Chinese government; which is something that other companies seem to have stumbled against in recent times.

Also would XGI's device driver team, which seems to have had a pro-active focus on Linux drivers - something woefully absent with ATi - also be something that ATi's been keen to engage?

More on this HEXUS.bean as we get pollinated, which will hopefully before 16:01hrs EST…

All stories come true in the end...

We don't like to leave you hanging, and sure enough ATI has issued a press release announcing the acquisition of Macrosynergy, an XGI Technology alliance company. ATI's Dave Orten is claiming the move will give ATi "two important elements - presence in a country that is emerging as the next big technology market, and a team of engineers that are highly skilled in our key product areas".

Check out the press release for a little more pr lovin'.

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aw poop

there goes xgi's linux support :/
$8-12 M? Is that all? Pocket change for ATI I would have thought
Well it was hardly a successful player, it released a range of cards, none could really compete within the segment they were intended for and no major etailers held stock so it's hardly surprising that ATi only paid a small amount in comparison to their annual revenue, how much would you pay for a failing company?
aw poop

there goes xgi's linux support :/

Equally, we might see better Linux support for ATi.

Might being the key word, of course. The moon might be made out of cheese. Having watched Wallace and Gromit, the odds are apparently pretty high.
All stories come true in the end.