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CoolIT announces Fermi support for Omni ALC cooler

by Parm Mann on 30 March 2010, 10:11

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CoolIT Systems has announced that its upcoming Omni ALC GPU cooler will support NVIDIA's new GeForce GTX 480 and GeForce GTX 470 graphics cards.

No real surprise considering that the Omni ALC is designed to be a universal solution compatible with most graphics cards, but those who're worried about the heat generated by NVIDIA's latest can take heart in knowing a potential solution is on its way.

CoolIT's liquid cooler, pictured above, comes bundled with a ceramic bearing CFF1 pump and a choice of either a 120mm or 240mm radiator, cooled by "quiet" fans running at speeds ranging from 1,100rpm to 2,500rpm.

What's unique is that the Omni ALC has what's dubbed a GPU-specific interposer plate sitting between the PCB and the universal liquid plate. CoolIT will create numerous interposer plates designed for an array of high-end graphics cards, which should mean you'll only need a single new component when upgrading your GPU - as opposed to an entirely new cooling solution.

Sounds promising, but there's no mention of pricing as yet. The good news is that the GeForce GTX 480 and GTX 470 versions will arrive when you'll need them most - Summer 2010.

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Odd that the Omni ALC appears to be thin enough for a single PCI-e slot, but the mounting bracket is dual.

Sounds a very good solution though - similar to what's happening in the CPU space with the H50 and CoolIt Eco. I like where it's going - multiple single loops offering superior cooling performance for each component without needing the hassle of custom water cooling to deliver. As long as the tubes are long enough and the case has enough fan mounts - as it's gonna start getting pretty crowded in a case with a couple of SLI'd GPU dual 120mm rads and a single/dual 120mm CPU rad.
Odd that the Omni ALC appears to be thin enough for a single PCI-e slot, but the mounting bracket is dual.


Possible but doubtful, since ordinary waterblocks can manage it. And since that would stop me from putting two next to each other, I'd have to be getting out my hacksaw.
I want to buy one! anything to kill my 4870x2's sound when it goes full tilt! :crazy:

I am not sure of the exact weight off the top of my head but its about half the weight of a traditional WC block and I believe lighter than the stock HSF as well.

Yep, they are single slot but the retainer that comes on the card is dual… we'll look into sourcing a single for you. Good shout.

Barry @ CoolIT