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CEBIT 2005: SLI running with odd BIOS ROMs at Prolink's stand

by Ryszard Sommefeldt on 15 March 2005, 00:00

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SLI running with odd BIOS ROMs at Prolink's stand

If you wander over to Prolink's stand at CeBit, you'll not only see NVIDIA's nForce4 for Pentium 4 on their stand, using EPoX's 5NVA+ SLI mainboard, but you'll also see the board running SLI using two 6800 GTs with different BIOS revisions. Check out this picture.

Prolink 6800 GT SLI using different BIOS ROMs
Click for a bigger version

The thing that tipped me off, obviously, was the fact that the master board has a different cooler and branding plate than the slave board. Having a sneaky peek around the back shows the stickers for the ROM versions on the boards. Now it's possible that Prolink flashed either board with a matching BIOS for the other one, but if they didn't, it possibly means the rules for SLI running might be different than first thought.

If you've been able to run SLI with different BIOS images already, ignore me and enjoy the odd SLI picture instead.