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ECS to launch zero-noise GeForce 8800 GT graphics card

by Tarinder Sandhu on 21 November 2007, 11:20

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ECS became an NVIDIA GPU partner just over a year ago and has stuck to the reference design for the most part, citing fast-to-market times and competitive prices.

It seems as if someone has spiked the design team's coffee recently, as ECS is now launching a non-reference GeForce 8800 GT 512MiB graphics card with zero-noise cooling.

Teaming up with experts Arctic Cooling, ECS's GeForce 8800 GT has the giant Accelero S1 strapped on to the 65nm core.

The passively-cooled card will be shipped at stock frequencies and its huge dissipation area is said to require minimal chassis airflow to keep the GPU humming along without overheating.

ECS, though, will ship its card with the optional Turbo Module, providing better-than-reference cooling without the accompanying racket. Indeed, ECS claims a near-20deg C reduction in load temperatures with the module in place, albeit with that statement tempered by the need to have decent chassis airflow.

Our one concern is with the inability to easily connect another card to form multi-GPU SLI: the cooler gets in the way and ECS would need to bundle a flexible-style bridge. The problem is exacerbated somewhat by the knowledge that the cooler takes up an additional expansion slot over and above that of the single-slot reference design.

No word on pricing but we'd expect it to cost around £180. It will be on sale next month, representatives were keen to state.

ECS is one of those companies that indulges the enthusiast from time to time, and here's a product that's bound to raise a few eyebrows from folk who associate the company name with cheap, cheerful motherboards alone.


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Now a low profile version would be really neat (my media PC needs it!)
Looks ok for a htpc box, with the gaming ability to boot.

As for the sli connection problem, whilst ecs could (and prob will) fix this, not too many people actually use sli. In the last three pcs I have owned, I have had an sli mobo, never used it, so wasted money.

This card uses up 2 slots instead of the vanilla cards 1, not too many people will be too bothered by this as it's pretty common for gfx cards to take up 2 slots, we're used to it.

Is hexus planning on doing a review, it will be good to see how it stacks up against other fan cooled 8800gt's.
“zero noise” dont most electronic components make (very) small amounts of noise?
That looks good. I was thinking on upgrading soon but my card is almost silent and I've heard that the 8800GT with the reference cooler are quite noisy so was waiting to something like this to come up. Anyway, I will wait for the 8850GX2 to appear in January to see how quick that is and how much it will cost :)
Interested in pricing if anyone knows.