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Digital Storm launches high-end HydroLux PC cooling system

by Mark Tyson on 30 August 2013, 13:15

Tags: Digital Storm, PC

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PC maker Digital Storm has launched a new option for buyers of its own brand custom PC systems. HydroLux"The New Standard in PC Cooling", will be available as a build-in option on various Digital Storm PC systems, however this cooling solution will add between $1,084 and $1,994 to the price of your system depending upon the amount of GPUs you specify for your build.

The HydroLux system combines liquid and air cooling with a custom control board and array of sensors, furthermore software on your PC gives you full control of the thermal behaviour of your custom PC. The cooling system can also run under its own pre-programmed performance profiles, monitoring and automatically adjusting to temperature fluctuations in real-time.

"We work hard to differentiate the Digital Storm brand by engineering powerful systems that meet our customer's high-performance demands," said Rajeev Kuruppu, Digital Storm's Director of Product Development. "HydroLux delivers on that promise by providing an industry leading cooling solution that can be fully customized to meet each user's unique needs."

Digital Storm informs us that the large high-flow pumps in the HydroLux system are capable of moving as much as 300 gallons per hour. The system also makes use of strategically placed air cooling solutions. Without even looking at the software users can see areas of their system changing from cool blue to warm red as areas within the PC get warmer. The HydroLux Control software gives the PC user even more control by displaying real-time data and complete controls for the cooling within the PC chassis. As mentioned above, there are also automatic performance profiles if you wish for HydroLux to look after itself.

The HydroLux options are available immediately to buyers of new Digital Storm PCs. Engadget noted that the option can add between an additional $1,084 and $1,994 to the overall cost of your PC system depending upon the number of GPUs you have installed.

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Bargain - I'll take six! ;)

Seriously though it does look pretty good but its a bit rich for my blood.
Not sure why they went for high flow. High pressure is likely to be of more use since the headline flow rate will plummet once you add in a GPU block or two.