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Scythe readying Setsugen VGA cooler

by Parm Mann on 24 June 2009, 13:42

Tags: Setsugen, Scythe

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Pictures of a forthcoming VGA cooler from Scythe have made their way online, and it's on course to become the Japanese manufacturer's first to support NVIDIA's GeForce GTX 260.

The cooler, dubbed Setsugen and pictured below, features four 6mm heatpipes and will be bundled with heatsinks for the GTX 260's NVIO chip and voltage regulator.

Sitting on Setsugen's array of fins is a bundled VR-controlled 120mm Slip Stream fan, which at 12mm thick should leave ample room for SLI setups.

There's no mention of performance numbers or pricing yet, but with NVIDIA's reference cooler being a solid performer, Scythe's Setsugen will need to perform admirably to make much sense.

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At least with Scythe you can guarantee it will have a good fan on it, I'm starting to like their graphics cards coolers quite a lot but as always the price has to be right.

It's pretty hard to justify spending large amounts of cash on coolers when the price margins between different card models are so close.
Any shots of other angles? looks nice and kudos for all the mounting holes too
Good idea to have the fan on the ‘underside’ of the cooler IMO - takes heat directly away from the card whilst blowing air over the heatpipes.