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EK Cooling Expo 2020: company reveals its first CPU air cooler

by Mark Tyson on 9 June 2020, 11:11

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EK Water Blocks has wrapped up its EK Cooling Expo 2020, a series of online presentations, webinars, and Q&A sessions that ran for five days to replace the company's Computex presence. You can catch up with all the videos and presentations via the link above, and the EK YouTube channel.

One of the interesting things EK showed off was the MPG Z490 Carbon EK X motherboard, formulated in collaboration with MSI. This new Intel Z490 motherboard was featured in the HEXUS news pages last Thursday.

If you admire EK Water Blocks' products but have no intention of getting into liquid cooling, even AiOs, then you may be pleased to find out that the Slovenian firm has advanced plans to enter the CPU air cooler market. Though the product isn't finished yet, EK shared an image and some details about the design in its EK Cooling Expo 2020, and you can find the 'EK Easy Cooling Air Cooling' solution squirreled away at the back of the new EK Cooling Expo 2020 products catalogue (link to download 43MB PDF).

Above you can see a prototype of the first in a range of EK-AIR series products. The firm is going to aim these air coolers at those with interest in aftermarket cooling but who aren't ready or interested in water cooling their PC. "With single and dual-tower options, these air coolers provide modern D-RGB lighting, premium build quality, modern aesthetics, and great cooling," says EK.

Of course, EK wants to maintain its hard earned reputation of good design and quality with these new entrants to the CPU air cooler market, so they should be something for PC enthusiasts to look forward. It is early days right now, given the single prototype product image and assertion that this is a work in progress but one might hope to see the first such products launch in H2 this year.

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