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MSI launches its MAG CoreLiquid Series AiO liquid coolers

by Mark Tyson on 15 May 2020, 10:15

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MSI took the wraps off its own branded range of all-in-one liquid CPU coolers at CES 2020. Now it reckons they are ready for prime-time and has launched the MAG CoreLiquid Series. In a press release this morning MSI boldly, and a little callously, announced that it would "Drown All Opposition" with the release of the four new AiO liquid coolers.

The AiO CPU cooling market is pretty busy now but MSI reckons it has a worthwhile differentiator up its sleeves. "To dampen the sound of the overall assembly and reduce noise, the pump has been integrated into the radiator," reveals MSI. The pump required by such AiO cooling systems is most commonly situated in the cooling block that attaches to the CPU. This pump location choice might be the reason why the smallest MAG CoreLiquid Series liquid cooler uses a 240mm radiator, usually firms provide a 120mm option in an AiO cooler range.

MSI says that it employs a "durable three-phase motor is built into the core of the pump, resulting in minimal vibrations". This should result in a long service life for these products, it adds. Another design choice with an eye on resilience is the use of three-layer netted plastic tubing with a reinforced mesh exterior. The product as a whole uses "high-quality materials," for durability and reliability too.

Mysic Light aRGB lighting is present throughout the range. This opens up lots of lighting and sync possibilities for your system. An MPG Max iHub is included with the product series. MSI says the controller works well alongside an MSI motherboard through Dragon Centre to control fan speeds with PWM adjustment and a custom fan curve. I am not sure of the scope of its operation on rival motherboard brands. Lastly, on the topic of appearances, MSI highlights that its CPU-mount blockhead / coldplate offers 270 degrees of mounting orientation choices.

MSI has launched four models; the MAG CoreLiquid 360R, MAG CoreLiquid 360RH, MAG CoreLiquid 240R, and MAG CoreLiquid 240RH. I can only see two product pages on the official site, for the MAG CoreLiquid 360R and 240R. Though I'm not 100 per cent certain, I think that the 'R' suffixed products don't include a bundled MPG Max iHub.

MSI hasn't discussed its MAG CoreLiquid Series liquid cooler availability and pricing.

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So rebadged NZXT models, rather than rebadged asetek. It is possible to fit a pump in a 120mm radiator, for example the NZXT kraken M22
Is it just coincidence, or are they being released just in time for the new Intel ‘125w’ parts due imminently?
durable three-phase motor is built into the core of the pump.
A three-phase motor running on DC, are they sure about that?
A three-phase motor running on DC, are they sure about that?

Water pumps tend to use AC motors, with the AC provided by solid-state wizardry included in the pump. The rotor is a permanent magnet that's fully flooded by the coolant, so you don't need to seal a rotating shaft. Even fans are AC these days, commutators are pretty rare in PCs (one less thing to wear out, and the lack of conductive dust given off is desirable)
A three-phase motor running on DC, are they sure about that?
Rather than three-phase, Might they just mean one with pre-set Low, Medium and High modes?