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EKWB offers an AiO closed loop CPU cooler family with RGB

by Mark Tyson on 30 January 2020, 14:41

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Premium liquid cooling stalwart EK Water Blocks has finally entered the popular AiO CPU cooler market with its new range of products simply named the EK-AIO series. The firm suggests these are a great stepping stone into the world of liquid cooling and feature all the modern trimmings such as plug & play design, high performance cooling, and customisable D-RGB lighting options aplenty.

EK promises top of its class cooling with the new AiO range. The designs utilise EK's established expertise and technologies to provide compact and easy to use solutions. All the new models feature the same custom-designed diamond-cut mono-block, aluminium rotary fittings, alongside a custom-loop grade pump, and EK's own high-static pressure Vardar S 7-blade low-noise fans.

The dynamic lighting elements installed in these products cover the CPU block and the radiator fans. On the CPU block there are nine integrated LEDs with a milky coloured diffuser for smooth effects and transitions. The fans share a similar look. Lighting can be controlled via popular RGB sync technologies from all major motherboard manufacturers (Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, ASRock).

EK is making its new AiO coolers available in three sizes; 120, 240 and 360mm (all 28mm thick), which have one, two and three fan radiators respectively. Whichever you choose they can be fitted to any modern Intel or AMD socket. Of course your PC chassis needs room for the pump block and the radiator size you choose as well as a 4-Pin PWM Header for pump and fan operation, and a 3-Pin addressable 5V D-RGB header for RGB high-jinks.

Links and pricing of the respective EK-AIO models is bullet pointed below:

EAN Code


Price in EUR/USD 










At the time of writing there will be a 10 per cent introductory discount applied to your pre-order direct from EKWB. Buyers get a five year warranty. Pre-orders will ship from 28th Feb onwards.

An official promo video is available on Twitter.

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“Premium liquid cooling stalwart EK Water Blocks has finally entered the popular AiO CPU cooler market”

They entered it years ago with the Predator :)