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SES2 Capability Now Available on Supermicro Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Servers

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SES2 Capability Now Available on Supermicro Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Servers

Supermicro Produces Industry’s First SAS Server Solutions for Channel Market Space and Partners with UK System Builder Armari

San Jose, California, December 14, 2005 – Supermicro Computer, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high-quality motherboard, chassis and server solutions, has combined forces with worldwide systems builders, such as UK based Armari, to introduce the industry’s first SAS server solutions with SCSI Enclosure Services (SES2) for enclosure management for the channel marketplace. SES2 alerts users to any potential drive, temperature and fan failures with an audible alarm and a fan failure LED, and is a significant enhancement to Supermicro’s complete line of SAS-optimized solutions.

“SES2 clearly demonstrates the maturity of SAS technology and empowers our customers, such as Armari, with worry-free storage management capabilities. They now have an excellent opportunity to gain a competitive edge against branded vendors by delivering truly optimized SAS storage solutions,” said Wally Liaw, VP International Sales at Supermicro.“ “With SES2, we maintain our first-to-market position as pioneers of Serial Attached SCSI technology and provide our customer base with the latest in technology developments. We’re also continually looking for ways to support our server suppliers in assisting their customers transfer seamlessly to the future of storage technology today.”

The major advantages of SAS technology include support for up to 128 hard drives on a single controller, more than quadrupling SCSI bandwidth for substantial performance gains. Additionally, upgrading to SAS allows backward compatibility with SATA drives for unprecedented flexibility and involves zero cost premiums compared with traditional SCSI solutions.

Dan Goldsmith, Technical Director of UK system builder Armari Ltd said “The feature-rich 6014P-32R is just one of numerous solutions we have available optimized for both SE2 SAS drives and Intel Dual-Core processors. With an extremely comprehensive range of high performance SAS/SATA enabled motherboards, Superservers, and mobile hard disk drive enclosures. Supermicro’s exceptional attention to optimized SES2 Chassis and cooling designs reaffirms Supermicro’s stance as the markets leading edge partner of choice within the server, workstation and storage arena”.

As part of the early SAS adaptation process, Supermicro launched a series of SAS powered solutions. The SuperServer 6014P-32R, for example, features SES2 SAS technology and supports two Dual-Core processors. This 1U server combines hot-swappable 700-watt redundant power with support for three expansion cards, four hot-swap SAS or SATA hard drives, floppy, DVD-ROM, and four 4cm heavy-duty counter-rotating fans with optimal fan speed control.

The 6014P-32R provides the ultimate in availability, while maximizing expansion, storage capacity, and thermal control. The system’s Super X6DHP-3G2 serverboard, on the other hand, is powered by two Dual-Core processors that boost performance up to 50 percent compared to single-core Xeons. Its eight DIMM slots support up to 16GB of DDRII-400 memory, and its Adaptec® 9410W controller supports SAS drives at 3 GB/second. Along with two universal slots that support both PCI-X-133 and PCI-Express x8 cards, the 6014P-32R also supports a 1U IPMI 2.0 slot for server management with an optional 3rd LAN port.

The feature-rich 6014P-32R is just one of Supermicro’s many solutions optimized for both SAS drives and Dual-Core processors. A complete line of technologically advanced motherboards, SAS/SATA SuperServers, High Performance SAS/SATA Mobile Racks, and Chassis Optimized for SAS with SES2 are available at

About Supermicro Computer, Inc.

Established in 1993, Supermicro emphasizes superior product design and uncompromising quality control to produce outstanding industry-leading motherboards, chassis and server systems that offer maximum functionality and compatibility. With a staunch commitment to quality and a leading tradition of being first to market, Supermicro’s high-end motherboards and server systems consistently deliver cutting-edge performance and reliability.

Supermicro specializes in Server Building Block Solutions for mission-critical applications such as high-end graphics, modular computing, and enterprise storage system development to better serve today's rapidly changing global business needs. Supermicro is the fastest growing high volume server manufacturer in the world today and provides outstanding quality and service that includes 24x7 Worldwide Technical Support. For additional information, please visit the company’s website at, email or call the San Jose, CA headquarters at +1 408-503-8000.

About Armari Ltd.

Armari Ltd. is a leading workstation, PC and server specialist integrator, providing systems and solutions for the content creation, scientific and high performance computing markets. Established over eleven years ago, Armari focuses in enabling customers with cutting edge technology at introduction. As of December 1st 2005, Armari have been delivering a broad range of Server and Workstation solutions based on Supermicro platforms which support Intel® Xeon® Dual-Core processors. With Intel® Xeon® dual-core processors offering up to a 50% boost in performance over current single-core Xeon® processors there has never been a better time to adapt these exciting new technologies launched to market.

For additional information, please visit the company’s website at, email or call (01923)-225550.