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Silicon Power Bolt B75 Pro Wins Awards

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Taipei, Taiwan – December 2nd, 2019 – The Bolt B75 Pro, which is the latest portable SSD from Silicon Power (SP), has been the center of attention since its official release in May. Its combination of internal functionality (advanced USB 3.1 Gen2 interface, blistering read and write speeds, and massive storage capacity options) and external beauty (inspired by vintage aircraft) have garnered it two impressive awards.

Taiwan Excellence Award 2020

The Taiwan Excellence Award was established by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to encourage competition amongst Taiwanese companies by producing innovative products with superior quality that will, in turn, boost their competitiveness in the international market as well. Eligible applicants are subjected to a rigorous selection system that includes a review of R&D, design, quality, and marketing. Selected products are chosen to serve as examples of Taiwan’s prowess globally, promoted by the government itself. As such, SP is honored to be granted this award for the Bolt B75 Pro, recognized for its influential capabilities within the international market.

German Design Award Winner 2020

The German Design Award is a rare and precious honor due to its special contingency that the applicant firstly must be nominated by the German Design Council in order to participate in the selection. The award is bestowed based on functionality, aesthetics, vision, practical value, manufacturing responsibility, market maturity, and overall concept of design quality, innovation, durability, brand value, and branding. With such stringent conditions, SP is proud to stand out amongst the competition by winning this award for the Bolt B75 Pro. It is further proof of this product’s significance within the international market.

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