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SFC-R730-HA3 by MCCS certified for Open-E JovianDSS

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Atlanta, Georgia; September 22, 2017: – Open-E, a leading developer of innovative data storage software, and IT service provider MCCS from the Netherlands announced today the successful High Availability certification of the SFC-R730-HA3 with the Open-E JovianDSS.

The MCCS SFC-R730-HA3 is an Enterprise modular storage system that includes the Dell PowerEdge and PowerVault family series hardware and Open-E JovianDSS software. The system works in various configurations, ranging from a single node environment, up to an advanced Metro High Availability Cluster with snapshot replication options. 

The server is built of the Dell PowerEdge R730 series and other Dell hardware as the basic building blocks for high performance and low latency. The general cluster performance of SFC-R730-HA3 is increased due to the fact that both nodes process I/Os and provide simultaneous and balanced access to the logical devices, while Open-E JovianDSS and the dual or triple redundant hardware setup in disks, controllers, nodes, cabling, power supplies and network make the server perfectly optimized for mission-critical, Enterprise-level storage environments.

With the MCCS SFC-R730-HA3, users benefit from:

  • Guaranteed data protection
  • Enhanced storage performance
  • Flexible scalability
  • Simplified management
  • High Availability
  • Data integrity check
  • Thin provisioning
  • Unlimited number of snapshots 

Technical specifications of the certified server can be found in the certification report on Open-E’s website: 


About MCCS

MCCS is an all-round IT service provider, specialized in consulting, delivery, implementation, maintenance and management of high quality and reliable IT infrastructures. We maintain your IT with the greatest care and attention – in all markets. SMEs, large business and enterprise: take advantage of our knowledge and expertise. We are there for you from start to finish, understanding and meeting your IT needs is our challenge. More on: https://mccs.nl/en/

About Open-E

Open-E is a well-established developer of IP-based storage management software. Open-E JovianDSS, Open-E DSS V7 and the free Open-E DSS V7 SOHO are robust, award-winning storage applications which offer excellent compatibility with industry standards, and are the easiest to use and manage. Additionally, they are some of the most stable solutions on the market and undisputed price performance leaders. 

Open-E accounts for over 30,000 installations world-wide and has received numerous industry awards and recognition. Thanks to its reputation, experience and business reliability, Open-E has become the technology partner of choice for industry-leading IT companies.  

For further information about Open-E, its products and partners, visit http://www.open-e.com/