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AccelStor Reveals the New-Generation All-Flash Array at Computex Taipei 2017

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Unlocking the boundaries of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and FinTech 

May 29, 2017 – Taipei, Taiwan – Targeting data-center applications and big-data analytics, AccelStor, the software-defined all-flash array provider, will showcase its series of NeoSapphire all-flash storage arrays at Computex Taipei 2017. AccelStor will demonstrate its recently launched all-NVMe flash array — the NeoSapphire P310 — and reveal its new-generation all-flash array, a scaled-up model with up to 645TB capacity. The AccelStor booth will feature live demonstrations of the NeoSapphire 3706-ES1, showing how this high-availability flash array smoothly handles all kinds of IT scenarios, without a single point of failure. Outfitted for machine learning, artificial intelligence, and FinTech, AccelStor all-flash arrays deliver accelerated performance and effortless data processing for storage, enabling enterprise business to run efficiently. AccelStor's products and technology will be on display at booth J0818 on the ground floor of the Nangang Exhibition Hall in Taipei, Taiwan from May 30 to June 3, 2017.

“Today’s data explosion is driven by a growing number of end devices and richer data streams. Data centers and networks empower enterprises to gain deeper insight into the world around us,” said David Kao, AccelStor Vice President. “Our NeoSapphire series provides superior-performing flash arrays for SMEs, enterprises and data centers, and helps customers reduce risk, plan resources, and accelerate time to value for enterprise-scale big data deployments.” 

New-Generation NeoSapphire All-Flash Array: High Availability with Scalability Guaranteed

The new-generation NeoSapphire all-flash array features an ability to scale up that represents a major architectural leap forwards in the series. Together with FlexiRemap software advancements, this model delivers workload-optimized performance, high availability, and scalability for critical applications. This scalable flash array lays the groundwork for succeeding NeoSapphire models, demonstrating AccelStor's capability to provide large-capacity, feature-rich, high-performance storage arrays with high availability. This new model comes with an unparalleled 645TB capacity under a shared-nothing architecture consisting of 2 complete nodes — a far better design than dual controllers with a shared data pool. This model will drive new solutions for applications such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and FinTech. It expands the reach of enterprise applications and data-center solutions. This model achieves on-demand scalability for ever-growing data and workloads, while reducing upfront investment and simplifying the expansion of IT infrastructures. AccelStor plans to launch this model in the third quarter of this year. 

Debut of NeoSapphire P310 All-NVNe Flash Array at Computex

The NeoSapphire P310 is an all-NVMe flash array that adopts the new NVMe technology, with 8 NVMe SSDs offering 6TB capacity. With just these 8 drives, and powered by the award-winning FlexiRemap software technology, the NeoSapphire P310 easily achieves 700K IOPS for 4KB random writes, and ultra-low latency with microsecond-level response time. The NVMe drives utilize the PCIe interface, which provides point-to-point links directly from the SSDs to the processors, precluding system bottlenecks. The P310 delivers enterprise-level agility and flexibility for handling big data, analytics, and media streaming. This model was launched in May 2017; it will be introduced to the public for the first time at Computex Taipei 2017. 

True High Availability: NeoSapphire 3706-ES1 Live Demonstration

An industry-leading combination of a shared-nothing architecture, dual nodes in a single appliance, and superior 360K IOPS for 4KB random writes has enabled the creation of the NeoSapphire 3706-ES1. This model unleashes flash utilization to remove data-access performance bottlenecks and deliver unprecedented capability for no single point of failure. The NeoSapphire 3706-ES1 packs AccelStor's exclusive FlexiRemap software technology, offering unrivaled performance even for the dynamic workloads of enterprise applications. The unique shared-nothing architecture and active-active design enable the NeoSapphire 3706-ES1 to provide organizations with 99.9999% reliability for their business services. AccelStor will demonstrate the high availability of the NeoSapphire 3706-ES1, including active-active failover, failback, and more, at its Computex booth. 

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About AccelStor, Inc.

AccelStor is accelerating the paradigm shift from conventional disk arrays to modern all-flash storage. AccelStor's NeoSapphire all-flash arrays, powered by FlexiRemap software technology,deliver sustained high IOPS for business-critical applications. With streamlined storage management, multi-protocol support, and front-access, hot-swappable solid-state drives, the NeoSapphire series promises to resolve performance bottlenecks for I/O-intensive applications like virtualization, high-performance computing, database, and media processing. For more information about AccelStor and NeoSapphire, please visit www.accelstor.com.