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EUROstor’s ES-8700CLF Metro Cluster certified for Open-E JovianDSS

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High-security storage solution now available with ZFS-based software by Open-E

Atlanta, Georgia; February 2, 2017: – Open-E, a leading developer of innovative data storage software used for building and managing reliable NAS and SAN storage environments, has successfully certified EUROstor’s ES-8700CLF Metro Cluster with its ZFS-based Open-E JovianDSS.

The ES-8700CLF by Open-E Platinum Partner EUROstor is a storage cluster for iSCSI and NAS (CIFS, NFS) access that can be configured for Fibre Channel distance. Two cluster nodes are connected to eachother and to the JBODs at each location. The disks in the JBODs are mirrored across the two locations which guarantees complete site redundancy. The server also delivers:

·         Enhanced storage performance

·         Flexible scalability

·         Optimized for Data Centers

·         High Availability

·         Data integrity check

·         Data compression and in-line deduplication 

·         Thin provisioning and unlimited number of Snapshots 

Franz Bochtler, CEO of EUROstor: “With the certified Metro Cluster solution we can offer a setup over different locations, a solution that was until now only possible with Open-E DSS V7. We can now additionally offer the advantages of self-healing through the ZFS file system. This significantly enhances deployment options of our ES-8700 solutions, and we can provide our customers with storage concepts that offer extremely high data security.” 

“With more than 300 Open-E cluster installations to date, EUROstor is one of our most experienced partners,” said Krzysztof Franek, CEO and president of Open-E. “By choosing the certified ES-8700CLF Metro Cluster solution, users can be sure to use perfectly supported high-quality and high-security storage.” 

The certification report for the ES-8700CLF Metro Cluster is available on:


Details on the hardware can be found on EUROstor’s website:


About EUROstor

EUROstor has been a manufacturer of storage systems for more than 12 years. Originally manufacturing RAID systems, today the main part of the product portfolio are server based systems, acting as flexible storage servers, tailor-made for the customers’ needs.

Solutions range from small file servers and CCTV storage to high available storage clusters, scale-out clusters and cloud solutions. 

EUROstor, located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart (Germany), sells to professional end users all over Europe, SMBs, universities and research institutes and data centers.

More information on www.eurostor.com/ 

About Open-E

Open-E is a well-established developer of IP-based storage management software. Open-E JovianDSS, Open-E DSS V7 and the free Open-E DSS V7 SOHO are robust, award-winning storage applications which offer excellent compatibility with industry standards, and are the easiest to use and manage. Additionally, they are some of the most stable solutions on the market and undisputed price performance leaders.

Open-E accounts for over 27,000 installations world-wide and has received numerous industry awards and recognition. Thanks to its reputation, experience and business reliability, Open-E has become the technology partner of choice for industry-leading IT companies. 

For further information about Open-E, its products and partners, visit www.open-e.com/