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BullGuard launches Mobile Security on the Android Marketplace

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BullGuard introduces cutting-edge anti-malware and anti-theft security for the popular mobile platform

London, 12th May 2011 - Android phones have been rapidly growing in popularity and the appeal of the open source operating system, backed up by impressive handsets from popular vendors, led to it grabbing a market-leading 35% share in Q1 2011. Further reports suggest that the Android Marketplace will overtake Apple's App store later this year, making it the largest application store for mobile platforms.

It hasn't been an easy ride for the OS however, with concerns surrounding security and the presence of malware on downloaded applications highlighting the need for improved protection for smartphones.

A new BullGuard survey has found that just 45% of respondents were aware that a mobile phone could contract a virus, and just 7% already had a security suite installed on their phone. This is despite the fact that 46% typically store bank or credit card details on a mobile, 70% of people use it to browse the internet and 60% download applications to enhance the device.

Claus Villumsen, Mobile Security Expert at BullGuard, highlights the concerns surrounding the recent developments. "So far we're seeing a rather reactive approach from consumers when it comes to safeguarding their phone, but waiting until threats become more widespread or until a device becomes infected is far from ideal. In addition, much of the malware that targets smartphones acts as spyware, which is designed to go undetected. The only sure way to guard against these sorts of hidden threats is to use a strong mobile security suite to root out the malicious code."

The most recent high profile case of mobile malware was reported in March this year, when over 50 applications were removed from the Android Market following concerns that they could contain malware. The attack was dubbed "the ultimate Android Trojan to date", widening concern surrounding the inherent risks of using this system. Google removed the suspect applications and confirmed that it would be invoking tighter security measures to prevent this from happening again, but the nature of the OS is such that similar attacks could surface in the future. In addition, the penchant for users to download applications from unofficial sources means that there are plenty of avenues for malicious users to pursue, and this is something that Android users need to take into account.

Mobile threats haven't been as well publicised as more "traditional" viruses and malware that infect desktop or notebook computers, but BullGuard has made a mission out of making consumers aware that the growing threat on mobile devices has the same disastrous potential as computer based threats, and is providing cutting edge software that is easily available and can help guard against a range of different problems.

BullGuard's Mobile Security 10 provides antivirus and antispyware tools as well as parental controls to help ensure that a phone stays virus-free, but the issue of loss or theft is also a real concern, as it may result in a third-party having access to a range of personal information, passwords and financial data. To address this issue, the BullGuard software includes comprehensive remote protection tools that allow users to locate a phone via GPS, enable a keylock and even wipe the data stored on the device to prevent it from being accessed.

All of these tools come as standard for Android devices, and are backed up by free 24/7 support.

"BullGuard Mobile Security 10 is an essential addition to our range of award-winning security software," says Villumsen, "and means that mobile users can benefit from the same expertise that have made our desktop products so popular. There is no doubt that Android Market is a natural habitat for BullGuard Mobile Security, and will play a significant role in BullGuard's online strategy. After all, Android Market is currently the second largest smartphone app store, only surpassed by Apple's App store. We know the demand for smartphone security is quickly rising and as the Android platform is very exposed to security threats, Android Market is an obvious venue for us to offer our Mobile Security application to consumers."

BullGuard Mobile Security 10 is available to download now from the Android Marketplace, priced at £19.95 inc VAT.

See more at: http://www.bullguard.com/

About BullGuard:

Launched in 2002, BullGuard is one of the fastest growing security brands. Its philosophy has always remained the same - to combine technical excellence with a genuine understanding of consumer needs, creating simple, easy to use products that deliver universal, complete protection as well as enabling customers to control and manage their digital footprint.