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BullGuard And NordVPN Announce Partnership

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BullGuard VPN will make it simple for consumers to enable secure, encrypted connections everywhere ensuring their total privacy on the internet

LONDON – November 21, 2018 – Multi-award winning consumer cybersecurity company, BullGuard, today announced a partnership with NordVPN, the most advanced VPN services in the world, to develop pioneering technologies from both partners that will be used to create a new, all-around advanced solution for the consumer cybersecurity market. By joining forces, BullGuard and NordVPN will leverage technical know-how and deep expertise to create easy-to-use, leading edge products and outstanding services that redefine the consumer cybersecurity market. BullGuard VPN, the first product borne from the partnership, will launch in early Q1 2019.

“Cybersecurity to date has focused heavily on traditional end-point security solutions and been primarily about keeping consumers and their devices safe from online threats. Cybercriminals now pose a threat to consumer privacy as well. In order to adequately protect consumers in today’s cyberthreat landscape, security and privacy must be equally addressed,” said BullGuard CEO, Paul Lipman. “Partnering with NordVPN allows us to provide proven, best-in-class VPN network infrastructure that enables our customers to safeguard their online privacy in a fast, seamless way – from their desktop or smartphones, wherever they go.” 

BullGuard VPN will feature a simplified user interface and quick connect functionality, enabling consumers to fly under the radar and surf the internet in stealth mode while retaining complete anonymity and privacy via military-grade encryption. Available for Windowsâ, Macâ, Androidâand iOSâ, BullGuard VPN will hide a consumer’s origin IP address, preventing others, including ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and government organizations from monitoring their online browsing activity, including what websites they visit, what they download or what services and applications they use. BullGuard VPN will protect up to six devices at the same time with unlimited data, and consumers will be able to easily switch between 16 different country locations, including the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Singapore and Australia. BullGuard VPN will offer 24/7 customer support.

BullGuard VPN is the perfect choice for consumers when using an unprotected Wi-Fi hotspot when they are away from home in airports, hotels or cafes. BullGuard VPN users will receive secure connections to hotspots, which will protect them against data theft, privacy breaches, malware and cyber attacks via Wi-Fi.  

Recent trends show that the rise of online threats continues to accelerate both in consumer and business markets, with the total cost of cybercrime estimated to hit USD $6 trillion by 2021

“Today more than ever, users need all-around security solutions. These include a combination of online privacy, provided by VPNs, strong antivirus, firewalls, password safety solutions and more,” said Marty P. Kamden, chief marketing officer at NordVPN. “We are pleased to establish a partnership with BullGuard for all of these reasons.”

One, two and three-year BullGuard VPN service plans will be offered at £64.99, £129.99 and £194.99, respectively, and current BullGuard customers will be eligible for special offers. Learn more at https://www.bullguard.com/products/bullguard-vpn.aspx

About BullGuard

BullGuard is a multi-award winning, smart home cybersecurity company. We make it simple to protect everything in your digital life – from your data, to your identity and  privacy, and to your Smart Home. The BullGuard product portfolio extends to PCs, tablets and smartphone protection, and includes internet security, comprehensive mobile security, 24/7 identity protection and VPN which provides the highest levels of privacy and protection. BullGuard released the world’s first IOT vulnerability scanner and leads the consumer cybersecurity industry in providing continuous innovation. Dojo by BullGuard is an award-winning intelligent defense system and service that provides the highest level of protection to consumers across all of their connected devices and smart homes. Dojo by BullGuard is the cornerstone of a Smart Home, ensuring a connected world where every consumer in every home, is smart, safe and protected. 

Follow us on Twitter @BullGuardand @DojoSafe, like us on Facebook at BullGuard and Dojo, or learn more at https://www.bullguard.com or https://dojo.bullguard.com.

About NordVPN

NordVPN is the world’s most advanced VPN service provider that is more security oriented than most VPN services. It aims to become the world’s easiest-to-use VPN with a strong focus on user experience. NordVPN offers double VPN encryption, malware blocking and Onion Over VPN. The product is very user friendly, offers one of the best prices on the market, has over 5,000 servers worldwide and is P2P friendly. One of the key features of NordVPN is zero log policy. For more information: nordvpn.com.