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KODAK Launches New Tethered Flatbed Option For The I1200/I1300 Scanner Series To Increase User Flexibility

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Press Release

KODAK Launches New Tethered Flatbed Option For The I1200/I1300 Scanner Series To Increase User Flexibility

March 30, 2007— Kodak’s landmark i1200 and i1300 Series Scanners, available since November 2006, now have even more to offer: an optional tethered flatbed unit. This option can be connected to any of the scanners in the range (KODAK i1210, i1220, i1310 and i1320) using a 2-metre USB cable, providing the flexibility to best suit space and workflow requirements.

This means that the tethered flatbed unit can, for example, be placed on the counter whilst the scanner base is located behind. This is particularly advantageous for front-office applications as the ‘start’ button on the flatbed unit can initiate the scanning procedure. Documents up to DIN-A4, eg. books, newspapers and other bound documents such as passports and savings books can all be scanned at optical resolutions of up to 1200 dpi, showing details that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

Both the KODAK i1200 and i1300 Series Scanners and the tethered flatbed accessory come with an unbeatable 3-year, next business day replacement warranty (in most European countries). Customers also have the option to upgrade this to a 3 year on-site service, whereby a Kodak service engineer will repair the equipment the following work day at the customer site.

Product Highlights

The workgroup models KODAK i1210 (simplex), i1220 (duplex) can scan up to 30 pages or 60 images per minute respectively. The departmental scanners KODAK i1310 (simplex) and i1320 (duplex) offer a maximum speed of 60 pages or 120 images per minute respectively, making them the fastest scanners in their segment.

All four models came with Kodak’s enhanced Perfect Page image processing technology to ensure high quality scanned images independent of original document quality. Kodak’s reliable document feed can deal with the most challenging of documents and the ultrasonic double feed detection ensures reliable paper separation.  The auto orientation and automatic colour recognition make feeding mixed documents very easy and the ergonomically designed ‘Tilt and Scan’ feature allows for horizontal and vertical positioning of the scanner depending upon the capture requirements. In addition, the “Smart Touch” feature enables one-touch scanning to email, printer, pdf, etc. as required.

Price and Availability

The i1210 and i1220 are priced at €799 and €1,199 respectively. The i1310 and i1320 list at €1,595 and €2,395. The optional tethered flatbed option is now available at a price of €495.