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PHILIPS Projection with 3 new LCD projectors

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Philips Projection is launching 3 new NeoPix home projectors.

After the success of the NeoPix Collection last year, Philips Projection is upgrading the NeoPix Easy, Prime and Ultra with the Easy 2+, Prime 2 and Ultra 2.

“This year, we have decided to push the limits even further by bringing the PicoPix Collection’s premium features to our NeoPix collection. Our customers can now enjoy our smart Philips OS with pre-loaded apps, Wi-Fi Dual Band for maximum speed, Bluetooth, a new light engine delivering better color and contrast, upgraded resolution up to True Full HD and a brand-new AirMote control for a super easy navigation.”

The NeoPix Prime 2 and Ultra 2 get smart image correction, including a 4-corner correction to place it wherever you want in the room, digital zoom, and projector settings appearing on the top of every content. The Philips OS will constantly evolve, adding brand new features and extra apps via Wi-Fi.

The Prime 2 gets the Philips OS with built-in apps, new speakers and fan, and an updated AirMote for the same price as the 2019 Prime. The Ultra 2 gets smaller, smarter and projects True Full HD 1080p images for only 329USD/EUROS.

The Easy 2+ stays our most affordable projector and gets double brightness with 720p resolution compared to the first iteration.

NeoPix Easy2+

Enjoy a comfortable True HD 720p image and project all your content up to 65” thanks to the wide range of connectivity (HDMI, USB, MicroSD). Just connect your USB stick or hard drive to play movies, images, and even music with the built-in multimedia player. The NeoPix Easy 2+ uses advanced electronic keystone correction technology resulting in a 16:9 image, even at an angle or in variable environments. The stereo speakers will ensure you have sound wherever you are, and with the 3.5mm audio jack you can plug in your external speakers for louder sound.

The NeoPix Easy2+ will be priced at 149USD/EUROS and is available this month.

NeoPix Prime 2 and Ultra 2

Comfy movie nights or gaming in your bedroom in 720p HD (Prime 2) and True Full HD with the Ultra 2! These projectors deliver convenient entertainment in nearly any room, with a lamp free light engine optimized to last more than 30,000 hours. The built-in smart Philips OS and Dual Band Wi-Fi connectivity lets you stream and binge from your favorite content providers like YouTube (more apps will be pushed via FOTA) or play videos, pictures and music directly from USB Sticks. You can also stream multimedia content from your mobile devices via Wi-Fi screen mirroring. The keystone, 4 corner correction and digital zoom corrections help eliminate crooked and distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture even when the device is not straight in front of the wall, so place it wherever you wish!

The NeoPix Prime 2 will be priced at 199USD/EUROS and the NeoPix Ultra 2 at 329USD/EUROS. Both projectors are available this month.