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Info-Tek Announces the Release of the GECUBE RADEON® X850 UniWiseTM, Limited Edition, GeCube RADEON®

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Taipei, Taiwan, December 01, 2004 -- Info-Tek, producer of the leading GeCube brand name graphics cards, announced today the release of the GECUBE RADEON® X850 UniWiseTM, GECUBE Radeon X850 and the Radeon X800XL series graphics cards.

GECUBE RADEON® X850 UniWiseTM series

GECUBE RADEON® X850 UniWiseTM series adopts the unique GECUBE One Slot/low noise fan architecture which significantly reduces fan size to save space inside the computer and free up adjacent PCI slots. In addition, the advanced VPU fan control system and power throttling technology can adapt VPU fan speeds based on the load of the system to improve system stability and efficiency. Besides the fan, the GECUBE RADEON® X850 UniWiseTM series is equipped with a copper fin and a heat-pipe to protect the chipset and to ensure quality system performance under intensive operation.



Powered by the ATI® R480 chipset, the GECUBE RADEON® X850 series includes a 16x PCI-Express interface and 16 pixel pipeline architecture, and is capable of clock speeds of up to 540 MHz. Compared to AGP 8X graphics cards, the X850 has doubled the data bandwidth, which helps create a smoother picture. In addition, offering high compatibility, the X850 produces a high resolution, near-DVD quality image and provides the ideal environment for picture encoding, compression and downloading. The X850 series supports most video formats including MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Real Media and WMV9.


The GECUBE RADEON® X800XL series is powered by the ATI R430 core chipset, and includes a 16x PCI-Express interface, 16 pixel pipelines and 6 Vertex engines. The X800 uses ATI technology coupled with SMARTSHADER™, VIDEOSHADER™, HYPER Z™ HD and VIDEOSHADER™ HD technologies to enhance image color saturation for gaming and other applications.


"GECUBE is devoting its full effort to the production and manufacturing of ATI graphics cards, and we have a complete product line and service network." said Larry Yeo, General Manager of Info-tek's Multimedia Business Unit "Our high-end graphics cards add more diversity to current choices and are sure to satisfy consumer demand for high-level PCI-Express platforms."

For more information, please visit http://www.gecube.com