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Lantic Radeon GT240 GDDR5 512MB Gears Up for War

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Lantic's range of ATI graphics cards based on the 40nm chipset and GDDR5 memory was released to the market some time ago. The long-rumored 40nm chipset from NVIDIA has finally arrived with the launch of the new GT240 in the 4th quarter of this year.

For the launch of the 40nm GT240 by NVIDIA, Lantic is releasing its own non-reference board with 512MB of GDDR5 memory. The Lantic GT240 GDDR5 512MB graphics card comes equipped with a total of 96 Streaming Processors and a core frequency of 575MHz. The use of high speed GDDR5 memory means memory frequency can reach a staggering 3400MHz.

Lantic's insistence on quality extends to its use of the PIS power module with nickel-zinc inductors, solid-state capacitors and low-resistance transistors as well as a power supply design that perfectly integrates all three. The result is better efficiency, stability and product service life.

For the critical cooling solution, Lantic has once again turned to the industrial-grade dust-resistant fan that first appeared in the HD4770 Silver Wing edition – the Chill Wing. The Chill Wing cooling fan features a turbine-style finned design based on the Bernoulli Principle which uses special radiating wind channels to push dust to the outer fins. The service life of the fan is extended by preventing dust from building up in the fan bearings.

The Lantic Chill Wing is not only very resistant to dust but also delivers exceptional heat dissipation. Apart from a large 7cm fan for additional air flow, G2 micro heat pipes are used to increase cooling performance. The Lantic G2 sintered heat pipes contain ultra-pure water and copper powder so heat transfer is over 30% higher than conventional sintered heat pipes.

Consumers will no doubt recognize Lantic's characteristic high cost-to-performance ratio and attention to detail in the GT240 512MB GDDR5. By insisting on perfection in materials, performance and cooling, Lantic hopes to win the acceptance and praise of all users once more.