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NVIDIA GPUs first to support DX 12 Ultimate Feature Stack

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Today NVIDIA released Game Ready Driver and Studio Drivers that deliver full support for the Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate feature stack, including: DirectX RayTracing (DXR), variable rate shading (VRS), mesh shaders and sampler feedback. The updated drivers make NVIDIA RTX GPUs the first and only with support for DX12 Ultimate in hardware, plus the software required to take advantage of it. With this update NVIDIA also becomes the first and only GPU manufacturer to support hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling with a public driver.

This latest update also includes support for nine new G-SYNC compatible displays and ‘one-click’ optimal playable settings (OPS) for a dozen games.

Comprehensive Support for Microsoft DirectX 12 Ultimate 

Microsoft’s DirectX 12 Ultimate represents the bleeding-edge for graphics application programming interfaces (APIs), and is supported by all GeForce, TITAN, and Quadro RTX GPUs. NVIDIA pioneered the features of DirectX 12 Ultimate with the launch of the Turing GPU architecture in 2018. With this software release, game developers, creators and gamers all have access to a complete tool set for the revolutionary real-time ray tracing technology.

“A comprehensive software portfolio is required in order to take advantage of next-gen hardware features,” said Sean Pelletier, senior product manager, GeForce software at NVIDIA. “At NVIDIA, DirectX 12 Ultimate support is more than a checkbox, it is an assurance that we have done the work necessary to give our customers a complete product with a feature set that can move the industry forward.”

DirectX 12 Ultimate codifies GeForce RTX’s many innovative technologies as the standard for multi-platform, next-generation games. It is defined as a set of DirectX 12 features that represents a new graphics standard shared between PC and console and includes: DirectX Raytracing (DXR) tier 1.1, Variable Rate Shading (VRS) tier 2, Mesh Shaders, and Sampler Feedback. 

Broad Support for Creative Applications

The Studio Driver also brings improved performance and reliability to a number of recently updated creative apps. Over the past few weeks, apps to receive RTX-accelerated features or speedups include: Adobe Premiere Pro 14.2, Adobe Substance Alchemist, Blender 2.83, Chaos V-Ray 5 for Autodesk 3ds Max and Corel Painter 2021.

Performance Enhanced by Hardware-Accelerated GPU Scheduling

With this software update NVIDIA adds support for hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling, a new feature that was also introduced by the Windows 10 May 2020 update. Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling allows GPUs to handle video playback and games calculations more efficiently by directly managing its video memory. This new feature can also help improve performance and reduce latency on supported hardware. Hardware scheduling works regardless of the API (DirectX, Vulkan, OpenGL) so a wide variety of applications and games can see a benefit from this new feature, including Movies & TV app, Netflix, and games.

Nine New G-SYNC Compatible Displays

The G-SYNC Compatible program expands the G-SYNC ecosystem and aims to bring consistency and educate consumers on which displays will provide a good entry level variable refresh rate (VRR) experience. 

The newly-validated monitors are the AOC AG273F1G8R3, ASUS VG27AQL1A, Dell S2421HGF, Lenovo, G24-10, LG 27GN950, LG 32GN50T/32GN500, Samsung 2020 Odyssey G9, Samsung 2020 Odyssey G7 27", and Samsung 2020 Odyssey G7 32", giving gamers even more choice when searching for a great gaming display.

Under the G-SYNC Compatible program, NVIDIA works with monitor OEMs to validate the experience on monitors that support the AdaptiveSync protocol. Those that pass are designated as “G-SYNC Compatible”. With today’s additions, the list now totals 98. For a full listing of G-SYNC Compatible displays, please click here

‘One-Click’ Optimal Settings for Games

GeForce Experience’s one-click optimal settings (OPS) enable you to instantly configure game options for your system’s hardware, giving you smooth, optimized gameplay. Over 700 titles are supported, and since the release of our previous driver, we’ve added support for 12 more:

  • Age of Empires III: Complete Collection
  • Command & Conquer Remastered Collection
  • Deadside
  • Gears Tactics
  • Mafia II: Definitive Edition
  • Monster Train
  • Outer Wilds
  • Roblox
  • Shop Titans
  • Streets of Rage 4
  • Total Tank Simulator

About NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers

Game Ready Drivers are available on or before launch day for most major titles and are tuned for the best performance and flawless gameplay. All NVIDIA Game Ready Drivers are Microsoft WHQL-certified. 

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About NVIDIA Studio Drivers

Studio Drivers provide the best possible experience and stability for top creative applications used by video editors, 3D animators, graphic designers, photographers, and broadcasters. By focusing testing on creative applications and workflows, Studio Drivers maximize performance, uptime and functionality.

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A new studio driver at last!

Also, I'm not sure why any nVidia cards would need settings optimisation for C&C remastered, but I guess maybe there are some extremely slow cards out there still supported?