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Basemark GPU Expands Cross-Platform Benchmarking

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The Only Professional Benchmark That Supports Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows

Helsinki, Finland, March 4, 2020 – Basemark unleashed today the ability for anyone to objectively compare devices ranging from powerful desktops to low-powered embedded systems across all major operating systems. This is all possible with a new version of Basemark GPU, made available today.

There are many different customer segments for Basemark GPU. For consumers, Basemark offers a free version that enables a head-to-head comparison of smartphones and computers. For independent IT media, Basemark offers a more featured version to be used in product reviews and articles. For the consumer electronics industry and processor companies, there is a fully featured version that’s targeted to be used as part of new processor development, component evaluation and selection as well as mass production quality control purposes.
As with all other Basemark performance testing software, Basemark GPU has been developed in close cooperation with leading processor and consumer electronics companies of the world. This ensures that the tests are not only objective, but also relevant.
Basemark GPU 1.2 features the following:

  • Operating system support: Android, iOS, Linux, MacOS and Windows
  • Graphics API support: DirectX 12, Metal 2, OpenGL 4.5, OpenGL ES 3.1 and Vulkan 1.0
  • Three different modes: High Quality for powerful desktop computer, Medium Quality for laptops and powerful mobile devices such as premium smartphones and Simple Quality for embedded devices and entry level smartphones


Basemark GPU is available for immediate use and licensing. Go to https://www.basemark.com/benchmarks/basemark-gpu/ for more information.

About Basemark

Basemark Oy is a privately held stock corporation registered and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. The company develops Rocksolid Engine, a world leading real-time graphics and compute software solution for mission critical industrial applications. Basemark also develops system performance evaluation tools such as BATS and Basemark GPU. For more information, please visit https://www.basemark.com.