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Basemark GPU 1.1 Linux version and new Result page!

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Basemark Team is proud to announce that Basemark GPU 1.1 has now updated Linux build. 

The free package can be downloaded through our product page and media versions for interested parties can be found on our Media Vault. To access this location, just let us know and we will arrange the account for you!

Flatpak should go online soon for users to enjoy.

Basemark GPU 1.1 Product Page

Power Board 3.0 Alpha

One of the biggest points of feedback has been our old results page Power Board. We will raise our hand as a mark of failure. The issue is being fixed as we speak and we would like to invite you to have a look on our first MVP version (let's call it alpha) of Power Board 3.0.

The site is already online and collects data from our benchmarks. Right now it has bit limited functionality but in the coming weeks, there will be lots of updates. 

We would love to hear your feedback what kind of features you would like to see in Power Board!

Power Board 3.0 Site