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Swiftech releases Komodo-NV LE waterblock

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Long Beach, April 29, 2014 - Following the recent release of the ApogeeTM XL with multi-color lighting, Rouchon Industries Inc., d/b/a/ Swiftech® today announced the release of their Komodo-NV LE (Luxury Edition) VGA waterblock.

The Komodo-NV LE (Luxury Edition) is a full cover waterblock compatible with Nvidia® GeForceTM GTX Titan, Titan Black, GTX 780, and GTX 780 Ti graphics cards (reference designs).  The coolant flow path includes all critical components such as GPU, memory and power mosfets. Proper cooling of all the critical components contributes to overclocking stability and reliable operations. The block covers the entire PCB, leaving no components exposed to possible damages during handling. A brushed aluminum back plate is included with the product, and when used with the Titan version also cools the backside memory.  The product includes interchangeable color strips to light up the coolant window and front logo plate in 4 colors: Green (as shipped), red, blue or clear.  The company expects the AMD® counterpart (Komodo R9 LE) to be released next. 

MSRP: $179.95

Shipping: Now