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Phanteks Launches Eclipse P500A with 1mm Mesh and new SK fan

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Phanteks today announced the release of the Eclipse P500A, a new addition to the high airflow performance Eclipse lineup, and alongside it the release of the new SK PWM fans.

The P500A is a premium mid-tower that delivers high airflow performance with style. It features the same Ultra-Fine Performance mesh front panel as the award winning P400A and P300A cases known for their high airflow. The Ultra-Fine Performance mesh is engineered using an advanced sheet metal technique from Phanteks that enables high density perforations of just 1 mm to ensure effective dust-filtering and maximum airflow.

The P500A’s versatile interior layout offers high-end features such as extensive air/water cooling solution (up to 420 mm radiators), massive storage capabilities (up to 10 HDDs and 3 SSDs) and even dual system support (requires PH-ITXKT_R01 & Revolt X power supply). The P500A comes with a hinged tempered glass side panel to showcase all your components and easy to remove for easier installation or maintenance. With a rich feature set and flexible interior, it’s the perfect chassis for people demanding more than the standard mainstream with options for future expansion.

The Eclipse P500A will be available in 2 variations, a D-RGB model that comes with 3x 140mm addressable RGB fans included, a D-RGB light trim on the PSU shroud and integrated D-RGB controller with color presets for €129,90 / $129.99 / £119,99 (available in Black and White color), and a base model that comes with 2x 140mm fans included, without RGB integration for €99,90 / $99.99 / £94,99 (available in Black).

The SK PWM fans feature a nine-blade design that offers high airflow and a quiet cooling solution. The SK fans come with PWM capabilities built-in for precise speed control, rigid frame to prevent vibrations, and integrated LED for lighting solutions (DRGB models only). Maximize the potential of the P500A mesh panel by adding SK fans to allow for more airflow and cooling performance.


P500A (Base model, Black) - $99.99 / €99.90 / £94.99

P500A D-RGB (Black) - $129.99 / €129.90 / £119.99

P500A D-RGB (White)- $129.99 / €129.90 / £119.99


SK 120 PWM - $7.99 / €7.90 / £7.99

SK 140 PWM - $8.99 / €8.90 / £8.99

SK 120 DRGB - $12.99 / €12.90 / £11.99

SK 140 DRGB - $14.99 / €14.90 / £13.99

SK 120 DRGB 3Pack - $34.99 / €34.90 / £32.99

SK 140 DRGB 3Pack - $39.99 / €39.90 / £37.99

Availability: July 2020

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