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EK Launches Direct Vector – Its Narrowest GPU Water Block to Date

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EK® Water Blocks, the premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is introducing a new variant of the extended compatibility high-performance water block specially designed for reference design based NVIDIA® GeForce® RTX™ 2080 Ti graphics cards. The EK-Quantum Vector Direct RTX RE Ti D-RGB. 

EK-Quantum Vector Direct RTX RE Ti D-RGB

EK-Quantum Vector Direct RTX RE Ti D-RGB water block is the version of EK-Quantum Vector water block from which the terminal is removed for added compatibility with space-constrained cases.  Instead, the fittings are screwed directly into the top, allowing for a narrower enclosure. This water block uses the signature EK single-slot slim look and covers the entire PCB length. This sophisticated cooling solution will transform your powerful NVIDIA graphics card into a minimalistic, elegant piece of hardware with addressable D-RGB LED lighting.

EK-Quantum Vector RTX Backplates

EK recommends the purchase of a retention backplate which improves the aesthetics of your graphics cards, but also provides additional passive cooling to the GPU core and circuit board VRM section. The backplates for NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti cards are available in either Nickel Plated or Black Anodized variants.

EK-Quantum Vector RTX Backplate - Black

EK-Quantum Vector RTX Backplate - Nickel

Availability and Pricing

EK-Quantum Vector Direct RTX RE Ti D-RGB series water blocks and backplates are made in Slovenia, Europe and and are available for order NOW through EK Webshopor EK Partner Reseller Network. In the table below you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP).

EK predicted MSRP prices including VAT:


EAN Code Name End-user Price in EUR 
3831109825075 EK-Quantum Vector Direct RTX RE Ti D-RGB - Nickel + Plexi 149,90