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Keep Your PC Healthy With EK-Loop Connect

Tags: EK Water Blocks

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EK®, the leading premium water cooling gear manufacturer, is proud to introduce the EK-Loop Connect, a straightforward information and control hub for all the relevant parameters of your liquid cooled PC.

EK-Loop Connect

A Fan, Pump, and an Addressable D-RGB controller unit that is designed from the standpoint of an enthusiast. With this control hub you can easily set your desired RGB lighting effects with just a few clicks, as well as optimize your cooling performance, and noise levels through a simple PWM chart or pre-defined profiles. That’s not all though, as you’ll have the option of using external temperature sensors, flow meters, and coolant level probes.

The EK-Loop Connect is one of, if not the most powerful, mainstream fan and LED controller available on the market, topping off at 170W of total power delivery. It’s capable of delivering 20W per each 4-pin fan header, combining up to a total of 120W. The industry-standard, non-proprietary addressable D-RGB headers can each handle 8W of power.

The easy-to-navigate software interface is simple enough for beginners and advanced enough for enthusiasts. All major features of the software are thoughtfully laid out to keep your custom liquid cooling loop healthy!

Availability and Pricing

EK-Loop Connect is designed and engineered in Slovenia, Europe, made in China and is available for order through the EK Webshop or EK Partner Reseller Network. In the table below you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP).

EK predicted MSRP prices including VAT:


EAN Code Name End-user Price in EUR 
3831109822333 EK-Loop Connect 54,90