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Alphacool introduces the Eisball

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Germany, 12.08.2019 – With the new Eisball, Alphacool breaks with current conventions and introduces a completely spherical reservoir with an integrated pump. The built-in RGB ring, with addressable digital LEDs, illuminates the ball evenly and offers the maximum level of individualisation in the interior of the PC case. 

The Alphacool Eisball is the world's first reservoir shaped as a ball and this makes it a completely unique, breath-taking highlight in every water-cooled system. For stable and subtle mounting, a self-adhesive mat as well as two different mounting plates are included in the box. This makes it possible to mount the Alphacool Eisball to radiators and fan brackets with sizes of 120 mm and 140 mm as well as even more flexibility in mounting the reservoir by using the Velcro mat. This can stick to any place in the PC case and removed again when necessary. Alternatively, the Eisball can also be attached to classic 2.5-inch SSD slots, thanks to a bracket invented by Alphacool. 

Made for silent environments

The pump itself is discreetly inserted inside the Eisball and contributes to the clean and neat overall appearance. Alphacool offers two versions of the Eisball: One with a factory pre-assembled VPP755 pump included and one version without a pump unit. The Alphacool Eisball is compatible with the Alphacool VPP655 and VPP755 pumps as well as with all original Laing D5 pumps. 

"We have developed a special bracket for the pump unit in which the coolant serves as a noise insulator and absorbs the vibrations of the pump that occur during operation. This ensures low-noise cooling. In combination with the isolators (included in every version), the Alphacool Eisball is also an excellent choice for silent systems", says Andreas Rudnicki, GM of Alphacool.

For quick and easy refilling of the coolant, the Eisball comes with a fill port on the top. The two standardized G ¼ inch threads can be found on the back of the reservoir. The Eisball supports fittings for tubes with an outer diameter of up to 16 mm as well as HardTube fittings with an outer diameter of up to 13 mm.

Perfectly featured

The transparent, spherical reservoir is already an eye-catcher due to its design. But the 22 digital RGB LEDs, which are mounted in a chrome-plated ring completely around the equator of the Eisball, set the reservoir perfectly in limelight. The addressable, digital RGB LEDs can be adapted to individual colour preferences and effects by using the Digital RGB Controller included in the kit. 

The smooth lighting enhances the coolant, of which the Alphacool Eisball can hold up to 700 ml, particularly well. And the sphere shape is perfectly visible from every angle, even in cases with tinted glass sidewalls. For case modders and enthusiasts with extensive cooling circuits, the Alphacool Eisball enables new design possibilities and features.

Availability and price

The Alphacool Eisball is now available in two versions: 

The Alphacool Eisball with integrated VPP755 V.3 pump costs 131,19 USD. 
The Alphacool Eisball without pump has a price tag of 83.81 USD.