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MetallicGear Makes Premium The Standard With Skiron Series

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Rotterdam, The Netherlands, February 28th, 2019 –MetallicGear today announced the release of the new Skiron Series, affordable fans with premium features.  The Skiron Series comes available in two sizes (120/140mm) and three editions: Black, RGB and D-RGB.  

Each Skiron fan features a nine-blade design that offers high airflow and PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) capabilities built-in for a precise control speed. The included rubber dampeners prevent vibrations to provide a quiet cooling solution.

The Skiron RGB and Skiron D-RGB Series provide a smooth and even lighting effect through all the blades thanks to the integrated LEDs inside the hub. They also come with a daisy-chain RGB/D-RGB cable for a more convenient installation and cable management. 


Skiron 120 - €6,90/£6.00

Skiron 140 - €7,90/£7.00

Skiron RGB 120 - €14,90/£13.00

Skiron RGB 140 - €15,90/£14.00

Skiron D-RGB 120 - €16,90/£15.00

Skiron D-RGB 140 - €17,90/£16.00

All Skiron fans will be available immediately with a 4 year warranty.

MetallicGear’s new Skiron Series brings high airflow PWM fans in Black, RGB and D-RGB with affordable pricing to all users that are looking to upgrade their case fans. 


Powered by Phanteks, at MetallicGear we strive to provide a striking balance between form and function in our designs, all products are designed with a contemporary, streamlined aesthetic to ensure that years on they retain a cool and sophisticated presence in your home.

Learn more about the MG Skiron fans at: