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EK introduces EK-CryoFuel Solid coolants!

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EK® Water Blocks, is proud to announce the launch of a brand new line of EK-CryoFuel coolants! EK-CryoFuel Solid non-transparent coolants are all based on a new patent-pending formula with vivid, long-lasting color stability.

EK CryoFuel Solid

The coolant contains everything a high-end liquid cooling system requires for efficient thermal performance and providing the necessary protection for your water blocks. It carries the essential synergistic corrosion inhibitors and biological inhibitors - thus promoting long and safe operational life for your liquid cooling products and high thermal efficiency.

EK-CryoFuel Solid also contains synergistic corrosion inhibitors to protect metals commonly found in computer liquid cooling systems. It has been tested in accordance with BS5117 (ASTM D1384) and found to meet corrosion standards for copper, brass, and stainless steel. This coolant also contains biocides to help prevent unwanted biological growth inside your cooling loop.

All EK-CryoFuel Solid mixtures are biodegradable (90% in a period of 10 days) and will not remain in the environment or cause any bioaccumulation. EK-CryoFuel Solid offers a 1-year shelf life from date of bottling, the production date can be seen on the packing bottle of the coolant.

The EK-CryoFuel Solid coolants are not compatible with aluminum-based liquid cooling loops and EK advises that they are not used with any of the EK Fluid Gaming lineup of products.

Testimonials by beta testers

Tobias Voncker: What I really liked about the coolant was the vibrant color and the longevity. I used it for about 1 year and it didn’t change at all.

Thomas SavreOther than that temps are stable and it seems there is no clogging in the blocks. Pumps sound fine still. Everything runs according to previous. The color hasn't changed at all and isn't sedimenting.

Job MoretOne of the things I really liked about this coolant is its vibrant color that stays vibrant, even over a longer period of time and large temperature differences (30-65 Celcius).

Availability and pricing

EK-CryoFuel Solid coolants are made in Slovenia, Europe, and are available for pre-order through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. All pre-orders will start shipping on Monday, the 15th of October, 2018!  

In the table below you can see the suggested retail price (MSRP) with VAT included:


Name Price
EK-CryoFuel Solid Scarlet Red (Premix 1000mL) 15.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Cloud White (Premix 1000mL) 15.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Azure Blue (Premix 1000mL) 15.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Electric Purple (Premix 1000mL) 15.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Neon Green (Premix 1000mL) 15.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Fire Orange (Premix 1000mL) 15.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Laguna Yellow (Premix 1000mL) 15.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Scarlet Red (Conc. 250mL) 12.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Cloud White (Conc. 250mL) 12.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Azure Blue (Conc. 250mL) 12.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Electric Purple (Conc. 250mL) 12.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Neon Green (Conc. 250mL) 12.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Fire Orange (Conc. 250mL) 12.90€
EK-CryoFuel Solid Laguna Yellow (Conc. 250mL) 12.90€