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QOTW: How much storage do you have inside your main PC?

by Tarinder Sandhu on 22 April 2016, 16:31

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Everything in your PC is likely to be better and faster than even five years ago, right? You're probably rocking more memory capacity than ever before, the graphics card runs rings around that old, tired model it replaced, and monitors have increased their price-to-performance ratio by a healthy degree.

But here's one for you. I'm actually running less storage capacity inside my main PC than in, for example, 2013. Why? A few factors, really. The emergence and infiltration of SSDs has meant smaller capacities, the secondary mechanical disk is only there to hold large files mostly associated with gaming, and I've offloaded significant capacity to a NAS box and a couple of USB 3.0 external drives.

In fact, I'm only using 2.5TB inside the PC, down from around 4TB three years ago, and I'm wondering if I'm not alone in this trend of externalising storage.

So with that preamble, this week's QOTW is: how much storage capacity do you have inside your main PC? And as an addendum, if you can remember, is this figure more or less than a few years ago?

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I've just recently upgraded my storage from 60GB SSD & 320GB HDD to 128gb SSD & 1TB HDD
I've zero interest in dotting additional boxes around the house, so my main computer also houses my entire media library and everything's streamed from it to everywhere else. Currently I have about 46TBs of storage, which is almost full and therefore soon to become 80+TB. All courtesy of Seagate's Archive drives.
128GB SSD for Windows, 1 TB for general, 3 TB for emulation “files” and related dev tools, and 1 TB drive for Steam/Origin. So 5 1/8 TB roughly. :)
1.5 tb. 575 GB of it is SSD space.