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QOTW: How much free storage do you have left on your PC?

by Parm Mann on 21 May 2021, 16:31

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I remember wondering when I built my current PC whether or not the 256GB SSD would be sufficient. Truth be told, I figured I'd have to add a secondary drive at some point, but that was a good while back and the primary SSD is still going strong and usage has never been close to full capacity.

There's currently 137GB free and I could make more room if I cleared out the 13GB in the downloads folder and another 6GB on desktop. Turns out my storage habits have gradually evolved over the years. Some stuff now resides in the cloud, and all my multimedia content tends to be offloaded to the NAS.

How about you? Do you still depend on lots of local storage? To find out this week's question is asking: how much free storage do you have left on your PC? Let us know using the comments facility below.

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Over 90 GB free on system disk and 6 TB on four MS Storage Space drives (internal and mirrored), plus 1 TB on OneDrive
Around 80 GB on primary 256 GB nvme drive and more than half of 512 GB from the other sata drives
I've got 1200 GB (binary) free of 6 TB total (decimal), on my main desktop which stores everything - Blu-Ray backups, mp3s, pictures, Steam games, etc. I installed a bunch more games and backed up a bunch more films after adding a 3 TB drive a couple years ago.

Among the drives, my 1 TB SSD is 14% free, and my two non-backup hard drives are both 28% free.

The SSD space has felt a bit tight at times, and I've migrated some of its contents to HDD. But the HDD space available still feels like plenty.
Boot drive 19% free.
Games drive 62% free.
Media drive 45% free.
Rapid Access Drive 100% free, but it's only just gone in.
Drive 5 86% free, as it's also new and only used to help eliminate the terrible lag on Star Citizen.
Drive 6 99% free, but again new and its a whole 8TB, so got a ways to go yet.

My biggest worry is the Boot drive, and I'm working on clearing out as much of the junk as I can.
I might have to bite the bullet, Clean Install the OS, and then suffer through doing all the tweaks and setups to get things working just right.

I hate reinstalling Windows. :censored::wallbash:
1.5TB I feel upgrade time is drawing near!