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QOTW: What was the first graphics card you purchased?

by Parm Mann on 5 June 2020, 16:31

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All eyes are turning toward next-generation graphics, with AMD RDNA2 and Nvidia Ampere rumoured to be arriving in the next quarter.

Plenty of excitement on the horizon, but for now let's venture down memory lane and cast our memories back to the graphics cards of yesteryear. Specifically, we want to know; what was the first graphics card you purchased?

For the young 'uns it might have happened recently, while the older folk may be able to rewind the clock by a decade or two, or three(!). Either way, don't skimp on the details. We'd love to know how much the card cost back then, whether or not it lived up to expectations, and which games you remember fondly. Better still, if you happen to have pictures we'd love to see them. Share your GPU firsts using the comments facility below.

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An XFX Nvidia FX 5200 with 250MB of memory, purchased way back in 2005 I think.
First PC gfx card was an ATI Rage Pro. Had a VoodooFX as well to play Doom etc.
Unbranded 3DFX card with 4MB of RAM. Back in the days when you had a graphics card and a separate 3D accelerator card.
I believe that was an OAK VGA card on an ISA bus for my self built 386-40. None of this modern 3D malarky :D

The 3D malarky started with a 3DFX Voodoo card, which was quite a few upgrades in. It was all about Doombench until then.
Try not to laugh but it was 30 years ago (1990 my first PC I built). some Cirrus Logic card… I think it was BEFORE the S3 Trio in 1995 and I am struggling to find a name, might be a Trident…