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QOTW: Do you use a discrete graphics card?

by Parm Mann on 2 March 2018, 16:31

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Onboard graphics have been thrust back into the limelight in recent weeks, with AMD's latest Ryzen processors raising the bar for what's possible with a single-chip design. True, the integrated graphics processor (IGP) is by no means the best bet for high-performance gaming, but when you consider the itty-bitty size and minimal power requirements of today's chips, you can't help but admire how far we've come. Heck, you need only look at the visuals produced by the Xbox One X to realise that onboard graphics have plenty of clout when used accordingly.

But PC gaming isn't renowned for optimisation, and there is often a need to acquire a much more powerful discrete graphics card in order to play the latest games. It is, now more so than ever, an important decision when purchasing a PC or laptop. Cost, power consumption, size and 3D performance are all at stake, and we're intrigued to know where you stand, so for this week's question we're asking: do you use a discrete graphics card?

Let us know your reasons for or against, and whether or not you expect your stance to change in the next round of upgrades, using the comments facility below.

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Yes currently because I need nice multiple outs for using a couple of projectors on the only system I have that has an IGP
I use both.
This is a gaming box ? All the other laptops are all Intel HD or AMD APU. If you're not gaming there's no need.
In my gaming pc yes because onboard graphics still aren't anywhere near powerful enough to drive a 2560x1440 screen. Even at 1920x1080 I feel that even AMD's onboards are borderline without turning too much down. Intels onboard graphics have a long, long, long way to go to catch up with AMD's.

The wifes pc uses the built in graphics of her 4670k because she only uses it for browsing the internet, Facebook and the “free” games on there.
Yes, I am running with an MSI R9 390X 8GB card. It is a couple generations old, but still plays everything on high running at 1920x1200. And frankly, with the prices of video cards, I'm planning on keeping this one for quite some time to come… I haven't run into a reason to consider upgrading it… Yet.