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  • Review: Nokia Lumia 620

    Nokia Lumia 620

    28 February 2013, 09:30

    Meet the best smartphone available for under £150.

  • Review: Nokia’s all-rounder: the N900

    Nokia’s all-rounder: the N900

    2 April 2010, 07:00

    We take a look at Nokia’s first smartphone to use its own Linux-based operating system.

  • Review: Nokia 7280

    31 August 2005, 00:00

    There are some very clever features that would be great to see on future designs, but there is no realistic market for this handset anymore, its features and its looks ...

  • Review: Nokia 8800

    9 August 2005, 00:00

    There is no doubt that Nokia have designed and built a phone of outstanding quality, its just such a shame it is lacking any substance. We can only hope Nokia ...