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Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone 8 training videos leaked online

by Mark Tyson on 18 October 2012, 13:30

Tags: Nokia (NYSE:NOK), Windows Phone

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New videos have leaked online showing the Nokia Lumia 920 in action. The videos appear to have been made by AT&T in the USA, they seem to be internal training videos helping to prepare shop staff to flog the new colourful range of WP8 smartphones. In the US the Nokia 920 is an AT&T exclusive handset.

The first of the videos starts with a graphic “DEVICE LAUNCH, Nokia Lumia 920, with Windows Phone 8”. This introductory video does serve as a good introduction to the Lumia 920 and its capabilities including a smattering of details about the Windows Phone 8 OS as part of the Windows ecosystem, the Pureview camera, some hardware and screen specifications, wireless charging and City Lens application.

AT&T has focused upon another two aspects of the Nokia Lumia 920 as stand out selling points. Above we have a video all about wireless charging of the soon-to-be-released smartphone. The wireless charging plate (mat), the wireless charging stand and the JBL power-up wireless charging speaker are all featured.

Lastly we have a video showcasing the Nokia City Lens app & Tap and Share. City Lens is an interesting new way of finding nearby “attractions, restaurants, shops and places of interest”. Tap and share is exactly what it sounds like, sharing media with another NFC capable device.

European prices

The latest pricing indications we have seen come from the German tech retailer Media Markt online store. The pair of new smartphones is listed on the website with availability on 15th November 2012. The Nokia Lumia 920 is listed at 649 Euros including sales tax, this equates to £527. The Nokia Lumia 820 is listed at 449 Euros including sales tax, this equates to £365. Those figures indicate an even more expensive Lumia 920 than earlier indications showed (scroll to bottom of article). Both devices are pre-orderable in a range of four colours on MediaMarkt.

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Hold on.. Rewind that back. How much!? And this is for the device that Nokia wants to conquer our hearts with? Now even if they were Apple this price would be still outrageous. Nokia will fail by the looks of it. Sad..
Same price as note 2 , £100 more than S3. Only good thing is it about the same price as the S3 LTE version. I think LTE spec phones are going have premium prices for a while.
RIP Nokia
German prices are higher than ours aren't they? However if it DOES get released at that price I'll be upgrading to the iPhone 5 32GB.
It's possible, Nokia Germany have always touted that figure, and most of the speculative leak based reports said we're looking at ~£475 sim free which is closer to other Euro countries.
People moan about the price of the Surface and Ipads but we pay crazy money for our smartphones :)